Bill of Sale
Why Use a Bill of Sale Form? A Bill of Sale (BOS) is a legal document that serves as proof of sale or transfer of ownership of personal property from one party to more
Non-Disclosure Agreement
What is a Non-disclosure Agreement? Are you looking for ways to best protect your company’s confidential information and trade secrets from unpermitted disclosure? Perhaps you should engage your lawyer and make sure that you more
Release / Waiver Form
Release of Liability Waiver Information A Release of Liability Waiver is also known as: Release Form Release Agreement Liability Release Liability Waiver Waiver of Liability General Waiver What is a Release Waiver — Waiver more
Power of Attorney Form
The first thing that springs to mind when someone is given powers of attorney is ‘‘what that is,’’ or ‘‘why me,’’ and ‘‘what will I do.’’ Even though this document holds immense power more
What Is an Affidavit? An Affidavit is also known as: Sworn Statement (of Testimony) Statutory Declaration more
Marital Separation Agreement
What is a Marital Separation Agreement and How is It used? A Marital Separation Agreement is a legally-binding document that outlines how you and your marital partner will divide marital finances and family responsibilities more
Loan Agreement
Create Your Own Loan Agreement—Ready in Minutes! A Loan Agreement is also known as: Loan Contract Personal Loan Contract Money Lending Contract IOU or "I Owe You" Agreement more
Rental Lease Agreement
Residential Lease Agreement A Residential Lease Agreement is also known as: Rental Agreement Lease Agreement Rental Lease Agreement more
Commercial Lease Agreement
The Basics of the Commercial Lease Agreement As your business grows, the bounds of your garage will cease to hold the spillover, profits, need for increased production or supply to meet your growing more
Quitclaim Deed Form
The Basics of a Quitclaim Deed Real estate isn't for everyone, but once in a while, you get to buy or sell a house or land. In other cases, the only second major real more