Free Connecticut Termination of Lease Agreement Form

All You Need to Know About the Termination of Lease Form in Connecticut

A termination of lease form is a legal document used by landlords or tenants to cancel a month-to-month rental contract. The letter gives the non-terminating party at least 3 days to vacate or look for a new renter.

The terminating party can give reasons for termination; in some situations, they may cancel the lease without cause. They only need to complete a Connecticut termination of lease form and serve the other party.

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Notice to Quit Vs Lease Termination Notice: What is the Difference?

One party (the landlord or the tenant) gives a notice to quit to notify the other of a violation of the lease terms, which must be corrected on time. If the raised concerns are not addressed, the contract will be terminated.

For example, a tenant can give a landlord a notice to quit, informing them to repair the property within a specified period, and if that doesn't happen, they will end the contract. If the repairs are done correctly, the tenant won't move out.

On the other hand, the Connecticut termination of lease form is completed and served when there are no remedies to save the landlord-tenant relationship. So, both parties can mutually agree to end the rental contract early by signing the letter.

Lease Termination Letter Legal Requirements

Typically, a lease cancellation letter sample includes the names of the landlord and the tenant. It should also have the actual date, contact information of one or both parties, and the address of the rental property. Most importantly, it should have the termination date and the signatures of both parties.

In addition, the lease termination letter must provide a 3-day notice to the non-terminating party. However, if the original lease agreement requires a 30-day notice, it must be adhered to when ending the tenancy early.

Once the letter is written and meets all the requirements, it is served to the non-terminating party. You can mail it or deliver it by hand.

Why Should You Use a 3-day Lease Termination Notice in Connecticut?

Here are some reasons to request a tenant to vacate your premises;

  • Violation of rental terms – If a tenant breaches the lease contract terms, you can issue them a 3-day lease cancellation notice. The violations can be criminal activities or unauthorized occupants on the property.
  • Severe damage to premises – If a tenant damages the property, affecting its health or safety conditions, landlords can use this notice to inform them to vacate.

  • The tenant can give a landlord a 3-day notice for the following reasons;

  • Job transfer – If you have received a job transfer, you can give a landlord a lease cancellation notice.
  • Health and safety concerns – If the property has unaddressed health and safety concerns, you can write a lease termination letter to the landlord.
  • Writing a Lease Termination Letter: How to Do It?

    You can write a lease cancellation letter yourself. But you must follow the legal requirements, including completing the essential details, and sign it. It is also key to note that writing it from scratch can be challenging.

    Instead, you can use a free Connecticut termination of lease form template to write the letter. Be sure to fill in the details online, download the form, and print it. Once done, verify the details and sign it before sending it to the other party.

    The Eviction Process

    If you serve a tenant and they don't vacate the premises by the termination date, you can go to court and get an eviction order. With the order, the sheriff will remove the renter and their possessions from the property.

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