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Release of Liability Waiver Information

  • A Release of Liability Waiver is also known as:

    • Release Form

    • Release Agreement

    • Liability Release

    • Liability Waiver

    • Waiver of Liability

    • General Waiver

What is a Release Waiver — Waiver of Liability?

A Release Waiver is a legally binding agreement with which the parties “release” or “wave” the right to file a legal claim in the event of an accident or other that results in damage/injury to person or property. A Release Waiver of Liability can be used for damages that have occurred in the past, or future injury or damages. For example, you may be asked to sign a Release before participating in a high-risk activity such as bungee jumping, or you may sign a Waiver that settles a claim for a car accident that happened weeks ago.

The parties in a Release Agreement are the Releasor or person promising not to sue, and the Releasee or person/company who is potentially liable for a lawsuit. By signing a Release Waiver, the Releasor acknowledges that s/he understands the risks and forfeits any claims involved, and agrees not to sue the Releasee for past or future injuries or damages. Instead of going through an expensive lawsuit, both parties agree to settle the dispute out of court.

Types of Release Waivers Ready in Minutes

There are different types of Releases for different types of activities/events. Simply select the type of Release you need above to get started using our free Release Template, or read on for more details.

    • Activity Waiver & Release

      Releases the party providing an activity from liability claims brought by the individual wishing to participate in the activity.

    • Damage to Property Release

      Waives future claims for damage to personal property.

    • General Release of Claims

      A broad release from possible claims resulting from a dispute over sale of goods or provision of services.

    • Motor Vehicle Release

      Waives the right to all known and unknown claims resulting from a motor vehicle accident.

    • Mutual Release

      Both parties release each other from making any legal claims against each other.

    • Personal Injury Release

      Waives the right to legal claims resulting from personal injury.

Our website will help you create a Release of Liability Waiver. We offer free on-line samples and a Liability Release template to make the process that much faster. Simply fill in the form above to create a Release of Liability specific to your needs.