The Validity of Quitclaim Deeds

For any real estate transaction to be considered valid, each party must be getting something in return from the other party and in law; it is called consideration, a benefit each party gets from a transaction. Consideration is what more

Why Quitclaim Deed May not Be the Best for You

When choosing the correct deed for the transfer of titles, the types should be considered. There are two types-the quitclaim deed and the warranty deed, although the quitclaim deed is popular. Popularity is never the best strategy when making more

Bill Of Sale and the VIN

The VIN (vehicle identification number) contains information about a vehicle’s make, model, damages and defects. It’s the unique sequence of numbers with specific last five digits for different vehicles. The bill of sale is a document with vital information more

3 Reasons to Renew Your Lease

Being an agreement between a tenant and a landlord, the lease is usually set for a particular period of time. Therefore, it is important to get it renewed once expired or rather before expiring. What You Should Know First more

5 Things an Executor Does

An executor is a legal individual that helps the deceased family in distributing their properties and sorting out outstanding debts and expenses. Though the task seems simple, there are many tasks before an executor. The following are some of more

What Should Not Be Included in A Last Will?

Creating a will is one of the smartest estate planning decisions you will ever make. While there’s no right or wrong age for creating a will, as long as you’re legally competent, there’s no doubt that many people struggle more

Top Misbeliefs About a Power of Attorney?

Power of attorney is an important legal instrument in estate planning. And it’s different from the last will and testament in that it allows you to authorize someone else to step in your shoes and complete certain tasks when you’ more

Tenant Rights for Repair Issues in A Rental Property

Have you confirmed who pays for the repairs in the rental property you’re moving into? Property repairs for your house or a rental apartment and associated maintenance costs can be quite expensive. While landlords are required by law to more

FAQs About A Talent Release Form

If you are a video producer, a photographer, or a talent manager planning to record other people, you’ll have to use the talent release form more times than you’d like which is why you must know how and when more

What to Ask To A Prospective Tenant?

For ideal renters, the application and screening processes are important for landlords. These processes ensure that you have a tenant with a steady income, one who pays rent on time, and also one who respect your property and the more

Thinking Divorce?

Can we all agree that the decision to divorce, dissolving your marriage after years and even kids is a difficult decision to make? The process takes you through emotional, psychological, financial and physical turmoil; along the way, you will more

How to Know The Guest Is a New Tenant Now?

While tenants have the right to invite visitors, how do you define the line between a visitor, friend or relative staying for a longer time than you’d naturally expect and someone who’s moved in, for good? Perhaps your renter more

FAQs about last will & testaments

Last wills and testaments are an integral part of estate planning. The last will dispatches your wishes in regards to who inherits your entire estate or who gets what. Unfortunately, most people underestimate the importance of the last will more

Boat Bill of Sale

If you’re ready to sell off that beauty that’s taken you on many wonderful adventures on the open waters, there are things you should do. When it comes to selling the boat, you could either find a broker to more

5 Steps for The Early Stages Of Your Divorce

Divorce sucks. It makes you question everything, and the worst bit is that you end up questioning yourself. The emotional rollercoaster often means making mistakes you cannot recover from in the future. The good news, however, in that whether more

Power of Attorney for Patients

Can Your Protect The Power of Attorney for Patients? One of the things that you lose when you hit your senior years is your ability to maintain your legal competence. And without someone who cares about your interests, you more

Marital Separation Agreement

Fast-Track to Divorce with Marital Separation Agreement A Marital Separation Agreement can fast-track your divorce and save you a lot of time, money and hassle, and allows you to have a say on how your rights and responsibilities will more

Rental Lease Agreement

Rental Lease Agreement—Don’t Rent Without One Anyone who has ever rented a property knows that many things can happen over the course of the rental, and if there is no agreement in place for how such things will be more

Why Marital Separation?

What To Do When All You Need is Time Apart It’s regarded as an act of love by some people, and some couples come out of a legal separation decree stronger than they ever were. But, what exactly makes more

Marital Separation and PreNup

I Love You, But Sign Here First A marital separation agreement allows a couple to highlight their terms and also what they expect to happen to their assets, as well as financial support to each other if things fail more

Legal Separation & Adultery

Is it Adultery While You Are Legally Separated? Some states do not recognize legal separation, and in states where legal separation is legally acceptable, the term has varied meanings resulting in inconsistencies in the laws that govern legal separation. more

Last Wills & Testaments

Last Will & Testament, Your Loving Leash on Your Loved Ones from Beyond None of us wants or likes to talk about death. But, as depressing and dispiriting death is, we have to talk about it. No, we don’t more

Different Types of Power of Attorney

Which Power of Attorney Best Protects Your Interests When Incapacitated or Unable to Act/ Decide? A power of attorney represents the foundation of your disability plan. It is the legal document that lets you delegate your rights permitting a more

Absolute Bill of Sale

How Much Security Does an Absolute Bill of Sale Offer? A bill of sale (BOS) represents a legally binding instrument that recognizes the sale and subsequent ownership of an asset from a seller to a buyer. On the other hand, more

Bill of Sale

A Bill of Sale is Binding, Your Word Isn’t! If you are selling your used car, gun, or boat, you want to ensure that the buyer doesn’t come back with a lawsuit or something worse, complaining that you lied more