Free Missouri Bill of Sale

The Uses of Bill of Sale in Missouri

The only reason why you would want to sell a used car without documenting it would be if you are 100 percent sure that no one will come back to complain about the loose brakes or other faulty parts and also if Uncle Sam didn’t exist. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world with imperfect people, not Utopia. Otherwise, we wouldn’t need receipts to prove that we bought food in the convenient stores, right?

For these reasons, every seller (individual or a business) who knows what is right for them will prepare a document proving that you sold them the item in question. But where does a bill of sale come in? Well, none of us buys receipt books anticipating selling off every asset they buy, so, the receipt book is unrealistic, and the only thing that could take its place is a downloadable free bill of sale form in Missouri, one that is specific to your needs and the item on sale.

A bill of sale in Missouri refers to a legal instrument which allows a seller to transfer the ownership of an asset to a buyer for money or another valuable item. Also called a BOS, it could be used where a seller wishes to gift someone else (also referred to the buyer) an item that once belonged to them.

As a legal document, it recognizes two parties, the seller, and the buyer. And, the state laws note that the item on sale determines if the BOS should be notarized or not. Notarization is, in some cases, essential for the registration of the named item on sale.

There exist different types of free Missouri bill of sale forms, all of which represent different types of property on sale. They include:

The BOS for motor vehicles in Missouri

Whether you’re buying a used car from within the state of Missouri or out of state, you have to create and complete a Missouri BOS for motor vehicles. This document required by the DMV has the date that the seller drafts the document, the date that the vehicle should be paid for, and the date that the document is finalized at the notary public.

Besides the dates, the document outlines the details of the seller and the buyer – full legal names, the addresses, and identification numbers for identification. It also lists indicates the purchase consideration as well as any trade the seller might get into while noting if the vehicle is given as a gift or not. For the price of the vehicle, it’s required that the price is put down in words first then in numbers.

Next up is the vehicle’s description. Here, you need to list down the vehicle’s identification number, the year, model, make, and even the color. The odometer reading should also be indicated. In Missouri, you cannot lie about the odometer readings because you have to fill out and sign an Odometer Disclosure Statement or Form 3019.

Note that this BOS could be notarized but, it isn’t a legal requirement.

This document is necessary for vehicle registration, and a seller has to turn it over to the Department of Revenue in Missouri.

The BOS for boats in Missouri

The names and addresses of the seller and the buyer, dates (for the creation of the BOS, payment, and completion), signatures, and the purchase consideration or the details of the trade/ gifting aside, you also have to put down the details of the boat on sale. Like any other watercraft, you need to indicate the Hull ID, title number, registration number, make, model, style, color, and length. The odometer reading is also needed in hours, miles, knots or kilometers. If the boat sale includes the outboard motor or the trailer, note the details of these accessories. For the motor, put down the year, make, model, and the horsepower. For the trailer, indicate the color, length, make, model, or size. You also have to fill Form DOR-93 (the Application for Missouri Boat/Vessel or an Outboard Motor Title and Registration).

Missouri’s BOS for Guns

The only feature that differentiates this document from the BOS for boats and motor vehicles is the fact that this document has different information for the description.

You will have to indicate the gun’s caliber, make, model, type, registration number, and the serial number. If you are trading the gun for a different gun as is common in Missouri, you will have to write down the model, type, caliber, make, and the serial number of the traded item.

Note that you don’t have to notarize this BOS but, both parties have to keep at least one copy of the document after the signatures and dates are put down.

To get you started, download one of our free bill of sale forms accessible online and at no cost from all the cities in Missouri.