Free Pennsylvania Bill of Sale

Popular Types of Bill of Sale in Pennsylvania

Anyone selling a large and an expensive piece of property like a vehicle, a boat, an aircraft, or even a gun will document the sale even if they trust the buyer with their life. They do that because the item on sale cost money and because they don't to be on the wrong side of the law and the tax man.

But, this is hardly the case for individuals selling household items like a bed, bicycle or a piece of jewelry; even though you get a receipt for everything you buy at the convenience store - confusing isn't it? Well, here is what we know: even if that used furniture doesn't cost too much or just because you are gifting your neighbor, it is not an excuse for skimping on documentation.

You may not like to fill out, sign and file documents but, when told that you would need that document as proof in court, wouldn't you document everything in your life, as if your breathing depends on it? So, then, why don't we get started on this document that could help you document the sale of those expensive pieces of jewelry or that used jeep? All you need is a bill of sale.

A bill of sale, BOS, refers to the document that keeps a record of a sale as well as the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. In the state of Pennsylvania, you need a bill of sale to prove that the named and described item has changed hands after a trade or a monetary exchange.

In some cases, you may have to notarize the document, but it is not the case always. And, in most cases, we recommend the use of the BOS as a personal record. But first, download a free bill of sale form in Pennsylvania. This form is in the format set by the state. That means that as long as the seller and the buyer sign off on it, it could be used as evidence acceptable legally.

Two parties are recognized in the sale, the buyer and the seller.

Types of BOS in Pennsylvania

You have to get a free Pennsylvania bill of sale form to use any of these BOS.

The BOS for watercraft/ boats/ vessels

This is the document that documents and signifies the transfer of ownership from one person, the seller, to the buyer. Since it documents a huge transaction, you need to make sure that the details of the sale and the boat are captured accurately.

For its legitimacy, the BOS should have the names, mailing addresses, and the contact information of the seller and the buyer. It should also carry the boat's purchase consideration and the terms of the sale. The purchase price should be put down in words then in numbers. If the transaction is a trade, the details of the traded item should be indicated.

The date that the buying price is put down should be indicated as should the date of the BOS' creation.

Under the boat's description, you have to indicate the boat's Hull ID, the number of hours on the boat's engine (if the engine is included) and the style of the boat. Information under style includes the boat's length, color, type of hull, the manufacturer, and the year the boat is built, among others. You also have to note down encumbrances and liens if present, as well as the vessel's condition at the time of sale. Here, the seller may have to sign the seller's disclosure which certifies that the details given by the seller, are correct, as far as known defects are concerned.

Other important details include the odometer readings which could be in hours, knots or miles. You have to prepare an odometer disclosure statement as well,

Notarization may be necessary.

The General BOS

As mentioned above, you need to keep a record of all the sale of personal property you make. And, the general BOS facilitates the transfer of ownership of valuable items for money. Some of the valuable items that could be sold using this general BOS include ATVs (All-Terrain vehicles), Pets like cats or dogs, farm equipment or heavy machinery, a musical instrument, a jet ski, a bicycle, a trailer (without the boat), or a snowmobile.

This document has the details of the seller and the buyer, date of creation/ payment, purchase consideration, terms of sale, and the description of the item on sale. Often, the description will cover the make of the item, its serial number, model, year, material, size, or the color, among others. It doesn't have to be notarized.

The BOS for guns

Besides the name and address of the buyer and the seller, it has the purchase price or gift or trade information, and the date of creation/ payment. For the description, you have to indicate the gun's caliber, the make, model, serial number, or the style and the length. It doesn't have to be notarized, and if the gun is traded for another gun, the specifics of the traded gun should be put down.

Which BOS do you need for that sale? You can download our bill of sale forms online and at no cost, from any city in the state of Pennsylvania.