Free South Carolina Bill of Sale

What is a South Carolina Bill of Sale?

A bill of sale refers to a certificate used to transfer ownership rights and obligations for personal property from a seller to a buyer. It is used by private individuals, and it is legally recognized. In the legal books in the state of South Carolina, a bill of sale has two distinct parties: the seller and the buyer.

The personal property sale affirmed using the BOS may be new or used. But in either case, we recommend creating a seller's disclosure as part of the BOS to ensure that the buyer knows what they are getting into before buying. The disclosure is the seller's way of telling the buyer that the item on sale has some flaws and if the buyer signs off on the purchase, it means that they know what they are getting themselves into and they cannot sue the seller later.

What about the Golden Rule? Well, you read our mind. It works. But, in South Carolina like in every other state, you cannot go with your instincts all the time especially when money is involved. Also, word of mouth cannot stand in court as evidence hence the need for documentation. While you may not see the use for a bill of sale (BOS) when selling the dining set, it helps your records to have a dated and signed document to prove the transaction took place.

  • Other reasons for the BOS include:

    • Proving that the buyer is the new party taking all the responsibilities for the new item purchased

    • The seller may need it for taxation purposes

    • It absolves the seller from responsibilities for the property sold

    • It may be necessary for the registration of the purchased item

    • It is a final document which proves the existence of a transaction, and it could be used in court as evidence

  • So, which are the standardized requirements of the South Carolina BOS?

    • Though you can write one, you may want to download a professionally structured free South Carolina bill of sale form. You also need to confirm that you are using the right type of BOS for the item you wish to sell.

    • The free bill of sale in South Carolina must be filled out accurately and all the terms of the transaction written down

    • Full legal names and addresses of the seller and the buyer are essential

    • The purchase consideration should be stated

    • A seller's disclosure may be included in the BOS

    • All parties may sign and date the document to signify the completion of the transaction. It means that the completion date should be included.

Which are the main types of BOS?

A BOS for horses

If you are looking to sell your horse, get a horse BOS form and put in the details of the horse. These details will include the date of birth of the horse, the breed, name, registration number, weight, color, and the gender.

If the buyer requests a pre-sale health examination, they have to put down a security deposit which will be deducted from the final cost of the horse should the buyer proceed with the purchase or if they pay the rest of the money within the agreed timeline. The conditions applicable to the security deposit should be highlighted.

Of equal importance are the identification details (names and addresses) of the seller and the buyer.

Any other terms of sale, trade, or gifting information should be laid out in the BOS.

The last step is to sign and date the document at the end of the transaction. You may have to present and notarize the BOS at the Notary public in your city within the state of South Carolina.

Note: if you are buying the horse out of state, you must mention it in the BOS.

General BOS

Are you selling a bicycle, dining set, television, laptop, an ATV, a snowmobile or any other household item? Get a general BOS to document the sale. If you have lived in South Carolina long enough, you may have heard cases of sold lawnmowers ending up in the wrong hands and the sellers getting in trouble (it happens everywhere all the time). Since you don't want such trouble, this BOS will bail you out.

Other than the identification details of the parties involved, date of creation, the purchase consideration, the date of payment, and the signatures of the item on sale, describe that lawnmower. Common descriptors include the item's serial number, type of motor, the model, make, year, color, the weight, size, material, horsepower, and any other information that will identify that item.

A BOS for a boat

To use this document, you must highlight the features of the boat. Note the Hull ID, registration number, title number, year, model, make, type of construction, and the outboard motor's title number (if present). You will also require the motor's serial number, its make, model, year, and the horsepower.

In this state, both parties have to put down their driver's license numbers, as well as their names and mailing addresses.

When selling a boat, the BOS has to be notarized because it is necessary for the boat's registration.

Which city do you live in South Carolina? Our bill of sale forms will expedite the sale of any personal property within the state's regulations.