Free New Hampshire Bill of Sale

When to Use a Bill of Sale in New Hampshire What is a bill of sale?

As suggested by the name, a bill of sale (BOS) is the document used to signify the sale and the subsequent transfer of ownership from a seller to a buyer. Anyone who buys a valuable asset from an individual should get the BOS. Otherwise, one finds themselves in a precarious position when they have to prove they own an item they paid for but they don't have the right documentation.

A BOS recognizes two parties, the seller, and the buyer, and both parties should put down their personal details in the document. But first, the seller has to download a free New Hampshire bill of sale form.

The seller needs the document for their protection too because if the buyer fails to register the asset in their name, they will be contacted by the authorities. The document provides proof that the seller gave away their ownership rights and obligations for the asset.

Now, let's dig deeper and look at the main types of BOS which you may need after you download the free bill of sale form in New Hampshire.

Selling Watercraft - Boats BOS

To prove that you have transferred your ownership obligations and the rights for a boat, you have to fill out a BOS form for the sale of boats. In this document, you have to write down the details of the sale and the boat. The terms of sale, purchase consideration, type of transaction (trade/ gift), the dates of creation, payment, and completion), and the identification details of the buyer and the seller (names and addresses).

You also need the details of the boat. Among them: the boat's color, its year, length, state that the boat will be used, type of propulsion system, the existing bow number if present, the material of the boat, the Hull ID, and if the boat has a single or a twin engine. The state also requires you to put down specifics like: should the boat be used in tidal or inland waters? What's its maximum capacity? Does it have a signed affidavit for commercial use? What's the total horsepower? Which accessories does it have (sink, toilet/ shower)? What's the boat's primary use?

You will also have to certify that the information you have provided is true. Before you sign and date it, put down the seller's and buyer's name, address, and the date of birth. You may have to notarize it.

Selling a car - the BOS for motor vehicles

The proof of sale document in New Hampshire should have details about the vehicle on sale. What kind of vehicle are you selling? What's its make and when was the vehicle made? You will also need to indicate the vehicle's identification number, its registration number, and the odometer reading. Unlike other states, New Hampshire requires an indication of the number of cylinders the vehicle has. You may want to indicate the vehicle's color, as well as any other information you may find unique to the vehicle.

Whether you are selling a car, a truck, or an RV, you should include a signed seller's disclosure. This disclosure represents you absolving yourself from liability by laying out the defects that the vehicle may have. If the brake fluid leaks sometimes or if the backlight is loose, mention it.

You should also mention the scratches the car may have. If the buyer signs the BOS after reading the disclosure, it means that they will not sue you later on for not letting them know about the issues. Of course, you shouldn't sell a car when you know that it has major issues which will cost the buyer more money than the purchase consideration asked. Here, you need to take into account the Golden Rule, unless you are selling the vehicle as junk.

Other than these specific details of the vehicle, you also need to populate the BOS with your name and addresses (this doesn't refer to the P.O Box address), as well as the buyer's. You will also need to indicate the purchase price and the conditions of the sale. The purchase price should be put down in words first then in numbers. If the transaction is a trade or if you are gifting the 'buyer,' mention it.

Finally, you need the signatures of the buyer and the seller - they should be dated. The document also requires notarization especially if used in the registration of the asset.

Selling branded animals - BOS for Horse

Besides the name and addresses of the seller and the buyer, you need to write down the purchase price, terms of sale, type of transaction, as well as the details of the horse on sale. Important information about the horse will include the horse's name (if it has one), the date of birth, breed, registration number, color, and the gender. Health examination details are also required. Finally, the dated signatures of the two parties and those of the respective witnesses.

Do you need a BOS in New Hampshire? Our bill of sale forms are freely downloadable for use by any interested person statewide.