Free Termination of Lease Agreement Form

Everything You Need to Know About the Lease Termination Form

If you want to terminate your lease agreement, you must write a lease termination letter. This applies to both the landlord and the tenant. This document will notify either party that you want to end the agreement for a reason(s). It should be formal and clear and have all the necessary information to uphold its legality. Read on to discover more details on this essential document.

Lease Termination Agreement- What It Is?

A lease termination agreement form is a legal document notifying either the landlord or tenant that a lease contract between them is about to end. One may opt out of the agreement for specific reasons. For example, a landlord can choose early termination of a lease agreement when a tenant becomes troublesome. On the other hand, a tenant can cancel the contract due to a job transfer or financial constraints that may force them to move.

Reasons to Have a Well-Crafted Lease Termination Letter

Whether the landlord wants to upgrade the property or the tenant wants to relocate, a rental termination notice is a must. Here are the main reasons to complete a free termination of lease form or write a termination letter;

For the Landlord

  • When a tenant is unable to pay: If a tenant is willingly or unwillingly failing to pay their rent or not paying on time, the landlord can write a rental termination letter to the tenant notifying them to vacate the property.
  • Troublesome tenants: If a tenant breaks any of the rules included in the lease agreement, the landlord can send them a termination letter.
  • Plans to upgrade or sell the property: If you want to do major renovations on your rental property or plan to sell it, you can send a termination letter to tenants and give them time to vacate.

  • For the Tenant

  • Job transfer or relocation: If a tenant gets a job transfer, they can write a notice of lease termination to the landlord. The same applies if a tenant is planning to move to a new city for any reason.
  • Structural issues on the Property: If the rental property has structural issues and the landlord doesn't address them, the tenant has the right to cancel the lease and move to a better house.
  • Difficult landlords: Some landlords can be frustrating, and most of the time, others may not be mindful of their tenants. As a tenant, you can terminate the lease on these grounds.
  • Details of a Lease Termination Letter

    A rental termination letter should have essential information for it to be legally binding. It should have basic information, like addresses, phone numbers, and the names of both parties (landlord and tenant). It should also have the date when the lease came into effect and when it is set to end. Most importantly, it should include reasons for early termination of lease agreement.

    Required Lease Termination Laws by State

    Most states require landlords or tenants to give a 30-day notice to end a lease contract. However, the amount of time given depends on the lease period. For instance, for lease periods of more than one year, some states, like California, require a 60-day notice.

    How to Write a Lease Termination Document

    You can write a termination letter from scratch while ensuring it has the basic information and the reason(s) for termination. Alternatively, you can complete a free termination of lease form online, download it, print it, and sign it. This is much easier than writing it yourself or seeking expert assistance.

    If you want a well-written lease termination letter, has you covered. You only need to complete the free termination lease form online and download it. The process is easy and fast, helping you save time and money.