Free Indiana Termination of Lease Agreement Form

A Quick Guide to Understanding the Termination of Lease Form Indiana

This is a formal document created by either the landlord or the tenant to end the rental agreement before the initially agreed period. Both the tenant and the landlord can serve the notice with or without cause.

However, it is key to adhere to the set laws and offer sufficient notice to the non-terminating party. To end the tenancy, you only need to fill out an Indiana termination of lease form, sign it, and serve it to the other party.

Continue reading this quick guide to help you understand the lease termination letter and how it works.

Is Notice to Quit Same as Termination of Lease Notice?

A landlord or a tenant can use a notice to quit to avoid ending the tenancy. It is given by either party informing the other of a breach of the contract terms, which must be corrected within a specified timeline. If the issues are not addressed within the period, a termination of rental agreement letter is given.

So, a lease termination notice is the final document given to terminate the rental agreement. It comes in handy when a notice to quit is ignored or doesn't get the anticipated outcome. You must also note that some landlords or tenants simply don't give a notice to quit—they terminate the contract outright.

Reasons to Use a Termination of Lease Letter

The landlord can use an Indiana termination of lease form to end a tenancy when they want to undertake major renovations on the property. They can also serve the notice when they want to sell or use the property as desired. In addition, if the tenant has caused massive damage to the property or has breached the lease policies, the landlord can terminate their tenancy.

A tenant can end tenancy if they want to move to a new location due to work or any other reason. They can also cancel the rental contract if the landlord has changed the rental terms, like hiking the rent or introducing unacceptable policies.

Details of a Lease Termination Letter in Indiana

Typically, a lease termination agreement should have the following details;

  • The full names and contact information of the landlord and the tenant
  • The rental property address
  • A statement showing the intent to cancel the rental contract
  • The effective date of termination
  • Signature(s) of one or both parties
  • The actual date of signing the document
  • The Legal Requirements for Rental Agreement Cancellation Notice

    According to Indiana's landlord-tenant laws, the cancellation letter must give a 90-day notice when ending a year-to-year tenancy. For quarter-to-quarter and month-to-month contracts, a 30-day notice must be given. For unpaid rent, a landlord should provide a 10-day notice before ending the tenancy.

    The laws also require the terminating party to sign the document and ensure it reaches the other party on time. This helps avoid possible legal issues that may arise.

    How to Create a Lease Termination Notice

    You can write a rental termination letter from scratch and sign it. This process can be complicated and could take much of your time. Alternatively, you can write the letter by filling out a free Indiana termination of lease form template. It is easier and quicker than writing the letter from scratch.

    How Rental Cancellation Letter Works and The Eviction Process

    Once the lease cancellation letter is served to the non-terminating party, the tenant will have a specified period to vacate. If they don't move out as defined in the letter, the eviction process can be initiated. The landlord can go to court and get an eviction order, which authorizes law enforcement officers to remove the tenant and their possessions from the premises.

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