Free Maryland Termination of Lease Agreement Form

Vital Information to Know About the Termination of Lease Form Maryland

The lease termination form is a legal document used to end a rental agreement earlier than the initially agreed period. So, a landlord and a tenant can use the document to terminate their tenancy with or without cause. However, the landlord may not end the tenancy early as a retaliation tactic or to avoid making repairs on the property.

But to do this—whether you are a landlord or a tenant—you should complete a Maryland termination of lease form and ensure it reaches the recipient. Read on to learn more about the lease termination form, including how to create it easily.

Lease Cancellation Notice Vs. Notice to Quit

A lease cancellation letter or notice informs a tenant or landlord of the premature end of a rental agreement. It is the final document indicating the cancellation of a lease contract and providing a termination date.

On the other hand, a notice to quit is a document to inform the landlord or the tenant of a violation of contract terms that should be addressed immediately or within a specified time. If the outlined concerns or issues are not addressed, a rental agreement cancellation letter is served.

When Should You Use a Rental Contract Termination Letter?

A landlord can complete a Maryland termination of lease form and serve it to the tenant when;

  • They want to renovate or sell the property
  • They want to use the property for other purposes.
  • A tenant has significantly damaged the property or violated the lease terms.
  • A tenant is not able to pay rent

  • A tenant can use a lease termination contract letter when;

  • They want to relocate due to a job transfer
  • They want to move into their own home
  • They see health and safety concerns on the premises that the landlord ignores.
  • The landlord has increased rent or changed the rental agreement terms
  • The Termination of Lease Form Details and Requirements

    Here are the details that must be in a landlord or tenant lease termination letter;

  • Full names of the landlord and the tenant
  • The physical address of the rental property
  • Dates – the termination date and the date of signing
  • Signatures of one or both parties
  • If applicable, provide a reason for termination

  • The Maryland state laws require the termination of the lease letter to provide a 60-day notice before the end date. In some counties, a 30-day notice is given to end month-to-month tenancies. In addition, the law requires that the document be signed and delivered to the recipient promptly. You can use hand delivery or certified mail service to serve the non-terminating party.

    Rental Agreement Cancellation and The Eviction Process

    If a renter occupies the rental premises beyond the specified termination date, they should face eviction. The landlord should get an eviction order from the court. The order will authorize law enforcement officers to evict the tenant and their items from the premises physically. When the eviction is done, the landlord can rent the property, renovate it, or use it as planned.

    How to Create a Lease Cancellation Letter to End a Tenancy

    You can draft the letter from scratch. However, the process can be challenging and time-consuming. Instead, you should use a free Maryland termination of lease form template. Be sure to complete the form with accurate information, download it, and print it. Then, sign the hard copy and serve it to the recipient. is the reliable source of free Maryland termination of lease form templates you can use. Simply choose the correct template, and you will be good to deal in Baltimore, Columbia, Germantown or in any other city of this state.