Free Arizona Termination of Lease Agreement Form

A Guide to Understanding the Termination of Lease Form in Arizona

If you are a landlord or tenant, you can end the tenancy agreement at will without giving a reason as long as you provide the other party a proper notice period. Typically, a 30-day notice should be given to the receiving party.

The terminating party must write a 30-day notice letter or fill out a free lease cancellation form informing the other party of the cancellation. Here is a detailed guide to help you understand the Arizona termination of lease form and more.

Lease Termination Form: What It is?

The termination of lease form in Arizona or a 30-day notice letter is a legal document used by the landlord or the tenant to end a tenancy (month-to-month) contract. It allows one of the parties to end the lease contract for any reason, but a 30-day notice must be provided.

When To Complete a Lease Termination Form

A landlord can complete a free Arizona termination of lease form when;

  • There is a change of lease terms, and the renter is not willing to comply
  • They want to sell or use the property for personal reasons
  • The tenant is unable to pay rent
  • They noticed a tenant falsified their personal information
  • They notice the tenant is not as responsible as expected

  • A tenant can write a 30-day notice to the landlord when;

  • They received a job transfer
  • The landlord changes the terms of the lease agreement
  • They want to downsize or upgrade
  • They notice major structural issues on the property, and the landlord isn't addressing them.
  • Benefits of a Lease Termination Letter

    The main benefit of a termination of lease letter is to protect the landlord and the renter from future legal issues. It also allows both parties to end their working relationship mutually.

    30-Day Notice Letter Requirements

    The Residential Landlord and Tenant Act regulates lease agreements and relations. The requirements and regulations are listed in Title 33, Chapter 10. The act also outlines how lease agreements are terminated. One of the requirements is that the notice of termination of the lease must give the non-terminating party a 30-day notice period.

    In addition, the lease termination form must have the personal details, such as the names, addresses, and contact information, of both parties. One can also explain why they want to end the tenancy.

    Most importantly, it should have an effective date of termination. The final form or letter should also have the signature of the terminating party. Lastly, the document must be delivered or mailed to the non-terminating party.

    How to Create a Termination of Lease Letter

    You can create a termination of lease form or write a 30-day notice right in the comfort of your office or home. However, the process can be complicated and take much of your time. But there is a better option. You can complete an Arizona termination of lease form template online. All you have to do is print and sign it before delivering or sending it to the other party.

    The Eviction Process

    If the effective termination date comes and the tenant has not moved out, the landlord can go to court and get an eviction order. The sheriff will implement the order by removing the tenant and their belongings from the rental property. When that is done, the landlord will take possession of their property and rent it, sell it, or use it as they wish.

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