Free Georgia Termination of Lease Agreement Form

Termination of Lease Form Georgia: Vital Information to Know!

This is a formal document a landlord or tenant can use to cancel a month-to-month tenancy contract. You can terminate the contract with or without cause as long as you give 60 days' notice to the other party and adhere to Georgia's landlord-tenant laws.

When you want to end the tenancy early, you must write a letter or fill out and sign a Georgia termination of lease form and deliver it to the tenant or landlord. Read on to discover more information about the lease termination notice.

Notice to Quit and Lease Termination Notice: The Difference

A notice to quit is a formal document the landlord or tenant uses to inform the other party of a problem or violation of contract terms and request that they promptly address it.

For example, a landlord can notify a tenant to quit, notifying them to stop certain unacceptable behaviors or the lease agreement will be terminated. If the tenant complies, the agreement will not be terminated. If they don't, the contract will be canceled.

Unlike a notice to quit, a completed and signed lease termination letter is the final document ending a rental contract early. After the specified termination date, the landlord-tenant agreement will no longer be valid.

Reasons to Use a Lease Termination Notice

A landlord can complete a Georgia termination of lease form and serve it to the tenant when they want to make major renovations or sell the property. In addition, when they change the lease terms and the renter is not ready to comply, they can send them a notice to vacate. Also, if a landlord is unwilling to renew the rental agreement for personal reasons, they can issue the notice towards the end of the rental period.

On the other hand, a tenant can issue a lease termination notice due to a job transfer or when they don't intend to renew their current lease contract. They can also cancel the lease if the property has become uninhabitable.

Lease Termination Letter Requirements

The law requires the landlord to give a tenant 60 days to vacate. Similarly, the tenant should give the landlord a 30-day notice if they want to end the rental contract early.

The lease cancellation document should have essential information, such as the landlord and tenant's personal information. The document should also include the rental property address, termination date, lease information, and the signature of the terminating party.

Once the lease cancellation letter is completed, it should be served to the non-terminating party. You can use the mail service or deliver it by hand.

Creating the Termination of Lease Notice

You can use an already written vacate notice sample to write your lease cancellation letter. But that can be too much work. Instead, fill out a free Georgia termination of lease form online. Once you have correctly completed the form, you should download and print it. This is easier than writing the letter from scratch.

The Eviction Process: What Happens If a Tenant Doesn't Vacate as per the Notice?

If a tenant doesn't move out of the property by the termination date, the landlord can go to court to get a court order—the Writ of Possession. The order authorizes the sheriff to evict the renter and their possessions from the property physically. Once the eviction is completed, the landlord can take back their property and use it as they wish.

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