Free Florida Termination of Lease Agreement Form

Essential Information to Note About the Termination of Lease Form Florida

You can end a tenancy early for various reasons. But no matter the cause, you will need a termination of lease form. The form or letter notifies the other party of the intent to end the tenancy. Simply put, it is a legal document a landlord or a tenant can use to cancel a lease agreement early.

You can write the notice or fill out a Florida termination of lease form and send it to the non-terminating party. Read on to learn more about the letter and how to create it to avoid legal issues.

The Difference Between Lease Termination and Notice to Quit?

A notice to quit is a formal document warning one of the parties of a possible end of the tenancy if specified issues or obligations are not met. For example, a renter can send a notice to quit to a landlord due to uninhabitable living conditions. If the issues are not rectified on time, the rental contract ends.

The lease termination letter is given as the final document ending the rental contract before the initially stipulated date. The rental contract will no longer be valid when the termination date comes.

Reasons for Early Lease Termination

A landlord can complete a Florida termination of lease form to cancel a rental agreement when the renter cannot pay rent. They can also serve the notice when they want to renovate or sell the property. In addition, if a tenant has caused significant damage to the property or has breached contract terms, the landlord can request them to vacate.

The renter can end the tenancy early in certain situations, like active military duty, job transfer, or poor living conditions not rectified by the landlord. They can also cancel the rental contract if the landlord increases rent or changes lease terms, and they are not ready to comply.

Types of Termination of Lease Notices

Here are the different lease cancellation notices based on the tenancy period;

  • 60-day notice: this notice cancels year-to-year tenancy and gives the non-termination party 60 days to adhere to the terms of the letter.
  • 30-day notice: The thirty-day notice letter is used to end a month-to-month tenancy. The rental contract ends in 30 days.
  • 7-day notice: it notifies the landlord or a tenant that the week-to-week tenancy will end in 7 days.
  • The Requirements of a Rental Agreement Cancellation Notice

    A rent contract termination letter sample should have the full names of the landlord and the tenant. It should also have the address of the rental premises, the contact information of both parties, and the termination date. The terminating party must sign the termination letter.

    In addition to the essential information, the lease cancellation letter must provide a notice period, depending on the tenancy type. For example, a 60-day notice must be provided for a year-to-year tenancy, and for a month-to-month tenancy, it must provide 30 days.

    How to Create a Lease Termination Letter

    You can use a lease termination sample to write your rental cancellation notice. It won't be easy and can take much of your time. Alternatively, you can fill out a Florida termination of lease form template. This is convenient and easier than writing the letter from scratch.

    The Eviction Process: What Happens After the Lease Termination Date?

    Once the effective termination date comes and the tenant has not moved out of the property, the landlord can take legal action. They will go to court and secure an eviction order. Law enforcement officers will implement the order by removing the renter, their relatives, and their belongings from the property.

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