Free Minnesota Termination of Lease Agreement Form

Understanding the Termination of Lease Form Minnesota: A Quick Guide!

The lease termination form is a legal document landlords and tenants use to terminate rental agreements formally. One party can use the document to terminate the rental contract without giving a reason. All they need to do is provide a sufficient notice period and adhere to the set regulations.

Essentially, the process begins when either party—the landlord or tenant—fills out a Minnesota termination of lease form and serves it to the other party. Keep reading to learn more about the form and ensure a smooth transition.

Notice to Quit Vs Lease Termination Notice: Are They Different?

A notice to quit is used to notify a landlord or a tenant of a problem or breach of contract and request them to address them quickly. If the outlined terms are not met within the specified timeline, the lease agreement cancellation letter is given to end the relationship.

In contrast, a notice of termination of lease is the final document used to end a landlord-tenant relationship. It is not like a notice to quit that warns the offending party to rectify or fulfil some obligations. It works to terminate the agreement.

When to Use a Lease Termination Form?

A landlord can complete a Minnesota termination of lease form and serve it to a tenant for the following reasons;

  • Breach of contract: If a tenant fails to pay rent, hosts unauthorized occupants, causes damage, or violates other lease terms, a landlord can serve them a 30-day notice letter to vacate.
  • Property sale or renovation: If you (the landlord) want to sell or remodel the rental property, you can inform the tenant to vacate.
  • Personal use: If a landlord wants to live in the property or give it to a relative, they can terminate a lease agreement anytime.

  • A tenant can use a lease cancellation letter in the following situations;

  • If a tenant wants to move to a new location due to work or personal reasons, they can use the letter to inform the landlord of their intentions.
  • If the property is neglected and has become uninhabitable, a tenant can end the tenancy by serving the landlord with a termination lease letter.
  • What Must Be Included in a Rental Contract Cancellation Letter?

    A legally binding rental agreement cancellation letter should have the landlord's and renter's names and contact information. It should also have the date of cancellation, the physical address of the property, a statement showing the intent or reason to end the tenancy, the actual date of signing, and the signature of the terminating party.

    What are the Legal Requirements for Lease Contract Termination?

    The state is less strict when it comes to lease termination documents. However, there is a requirement that the terminating party give the other party a 30-day notice period. It also requires that the letter be served before the next rent payment is due.

    The Eviction Process: What Happens After the Notice Period?

    Suppose a tenant fails to vacate the rental property within the notice period. In that case, the landlord should get an eviction order to remove the tenant and their belongings from the premises physically.

    How to Create a Rental Agreement Cancellation Letter

    A landlord or a renter can easily and quickly create a lease cancellation letter using a free Minnesota termination of lease form template. So, if you want to write the letter, you should complete the online template with the correct information, download it, and print it. After that, sign the hard copy and serve it to the recipient.

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