Free Kansas Termination of Lease Agreement Form

An Expert Guide to Creating a Termination of Lease Form Kansas!

This is a mandatory document used by a landlord or a tenant when terminating a lease contract. The document has a clear statement showing the intent to end the tenancy and fulfills the legal requirements for ending the contract.

You can end the tenancy with or without a specified reason, provided you give the other party a 30-day notice. But you will need to complete a Kansas termination of lease form and serve it to the non-terminating party.

Read on to learn more about this form, including how to create it.

Notice to Quit Vs. Lease Termination Notice

A Notice to quit is a reminder or warning letter informing one of the parties of a breach of contract. It requires that the mentioned issues be addressed promptly, or the lease contract could be terminated. For example, a landlord can give a renter a 10-day notice to pay rent, and if they don't comply, the rental agreement is terminated.

On the other hand, a notice of lease termination letter is a final document that ends a tenancy contract. It provides a date of expiry and other legal requirements that must be met before termination. When the termination date comes, the contract is considered invalid.

Reasons to Use a Lease Cancellation Notice

A landlord can cancel a lease contract early for the following reasons.

  • If a landlord wants to renovate the property, they can request the tenant to vacate early.
  • If a landlord wants to sell the property or use it as a home, they can inform a tenant to move out early.
  • If a tenant breaches contract terms, like damaging the property or failing to pay rent on time, the landlord can complete a Kansas termination of lease form and serve it to them so they can vacate.

  • The tenant cancels a lease contract early for the following reasons.

  • If a tenant wants to relocate immediately for any reason, they can send an end of lease letter to landlord informing them of their intentions.
  • If a landlord changes lease terms abruptly, a tenant can end the rental agreement early if they are uncomfortable with the new terms.
  • Details of a Rental Contract Termination Letter

    A residential or commercial lease termination letter should include the full names of the landlord and the renter. It should also include the lease agreement details, end-of-contract date, and signature(s) of one or both parties. It should also include the rental property address and a statement showing the intent to cancel the tenancy.

    Lease Cancellation Legal Requirements

    State laws require the terminating party to give a notice period of 30 days. The letter should also have accurate information and be signed by the terminating party. Most importantly, it must reach the non-terminating party on time.

    The Easy Way to Create a Lease Termination Letter

    You can easily create a rental cancellation letter using a free Kansas termination of lease form template. Simply fill in the details, download the form, and print it. You then sign it and serve it to the other party.

    The Eviction Process

    If a tenant doesn't move out of the property as stated in the rental agreement termination letter, the eviction process can be initiated. The landlord can get a court order requiring the sheriff to evict the tenant and their possessions from the property physically. Once done, the sheriff will hand over the vacant house to the owner.

    Creating a lease termination letter can be indeed intimidating. But you can easily streamline the process with the free Kansas termination of lease form templates from Simply choose a template, fill in the information, download it, and print it.