Free Alabama Termination of Lease Agreement Form

Termination of Lease Form Alabama: Key Information to Note!

Termination of lease form in Alabama can be used when the landlord and tenant mutually agree to cancel their lease agreement. It is a legal document allowing one of the parties to end the lease for specific reasons.

However, you can't just wake up one day and give a termination of lease notice requiring one to vacate immediately. Similarly, a tenant cannot terminate the lease agreement expecting the landlord to honor it immediately.

Each party deserves a notice period allowing the tenant to vacate or the landlord to find a new tenant. Read on to learn more about the Alabama termination of lease form.

What is a Lease Termination Notice?

A lease termination notice is a legal document written by either the landlord or tenant informing either party of the upcoming expiry of a rental tenancy. In other words, it is a document that signals lease cancellation. The landlord or the tenant can write this document and must give the other party ample time to vacate or look for a new tenant.

Types of Lease Termination Notices

Here are the two main types of lease cancellation notices based on the lease period;

  • 7-Day Notice: This notice is given to tenants or landlords who are in a weekly lease contract. The terminating party must provide the other party a 7-day notice.
  • 30-day Notice: This notice cancels month-to-month or year-to-year rental agreements. The non-terminating party must get at least 30 days before the effective cancellation date.
  • Difference Between Lease Termination and Notice to Quit

    Notice to quit is like a warning letter notifying the tenant or the landlord of a breach of agreement in the tenancy that must be corrected. If not corrected promptly, the affected parties can complete an Alabama termination of lease form and send it to the other party.

    On the other hand, a lease termination notice is not a warning; it is the final document informing one party of the cancellation of the lease contract. For example, a tenant lease termination letter is written by the landlord to the tenant, informing them to vacate the property in 7 or 30 days, depending on the lease type.

    Connection Between Lease Termination and the Eviction Process

    A well-crafted Alabama termination of lease form or letter should have an effective cancellation date. The tenant is given at least 7 days (for weekly tenancy) or 30 days (for monthly/yearly tenancy) to move.

    The eviction process starts if the effective date comes and the tenant has not vacated the premises. The landlord gets a court order (the Writ of Possession) authorizing the relevant authorities to remove a tenant and their possessions from the property and hand it over to the landlord.

    Creating a Lease Termination Notice

    When writing a tenant termination letter, you must include your full name and those of the other party. You also need to include the contact details and addresses of both parties. In addition, you should specify the effective date and include the reasons for termination. Then, sign the document and serve the receiving party.

    Alternatively, you can fill out the form online. But be sure to include accurate information, download it, and print it. Don’t forget to sign it before sending it to the other party.

    Serving Lease Termination Notice

    You can serve a lease cancellation letter to the other party using these two methods;

  • Hand delivery: the tenant or the landlord can physically deliver the letter to the other party.
  • By Mail: The terminating party can mail the completed and signed lease cancellation form using the last known address of the non-terminating party.

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