Free Delaware Termination of Lease Agreement Form

Termination of Lease Form Delaware: A Quick Guide for You!

The termination of lease form in Delaware is a legal document used by the landlord or the tenant to end a month-to-month rental agreement. The letter allows either party to cancel the lease contract without cause, provided a proper notice period is given to the non-terminating party. You only need to write the letter or fill out a Delaware termination of lease form and serve it to the other party.

Read on to learn more about the lease cancellation letter.

Is a Lease Termination Letter the Same as a Notice to Quit?

A lease termination notice is the final document given to the landlord or tenant when issues between them can't be remedied. On the other hand, a notice to quit is a warning letter informing one of the parties of a violation of contract terms that must be corrected. If the issues are not addressed within the specified timeline, a lease agreement termination notice is given.

Details of a Termination of Lease Letter

Typically, a legally binding rental agreement cancellation letter should include;

  • The names of the landlord and the tenant
  • Contact details and addresses of both parties
  • The address of the rental property
  • The effective date of termination
  • The signatures to validate the notice
  • A clear statement expressing the intent to end the tenancy
  • The Legal Requirements of Lease Termination Letter in Delaware

    A completed termination of lease form should have all the essential information. In addition, it should provide a 60-day notice to the non-terminating party. If the letter doesn't give 60 days, it won't be legally binding.

    Most importantly, an early lease cancellation letter should be signed by one or both parties. Once the letter is completed, it should be served to the other party. You can deliver it by hand or use the mail service.

    Why Should You Use a 60-Day Tenancy Cancellation Notice?

    Here are the main reasons to inform a tenant to vacate your premises;

  • Sale of the property: if you (the landlord) want to sell your property, you can request the tenant to vacate by serving them a lease cancellation letter.
  • Compliance with government orders: if a government orders people to vacate a property or area due to safety or health concerns, the landlord must inform the tenant(s) through the lease cancellation notice.
  • Change of lease terms: if you have changed the rental terms, and the renter is not ready to comply, you can request them to vacate early.
  • Tenant unable to pay rent: if a renter is not able to pay rent due to financial challenges or any other reason, you can cancel the lease agreement.

  • The tenant can complete a Delaware termination of lease form and serve it to the landlord for the following reasons;

  • Want to relocate: If a tenant wants to relocate due to a job transfer or any other reason, they can give a landlord a 60-day notice.
  • Damage or structural issues on the property: If a property has structural issues, and the landlord is not ready to address them, you can end the tenancy early.
  • Ways to Create a Lease Termination Letter

    One way to create a termination of lease notice is to write it from scratch. You only need to include the names, address of the property, date of termination, and other basic details. Then, you sign the agreement and send it to the non-terminating party.

    Alternatively, you can use a free online termination of lease notice template to write your letter. You only complete the template with accurate details and download it. Then, print it, sign it, and serve it to the other party.

    When Does the Eviction Process Start?

    If a tenant doesn't leave the premises by the termination date, the landlord can initiate the eviction process. They should get a court order to evict the defiant renter and their possessions. The order is implemented by the sheriff.

    Are you looking to create a lease termination letter in Wilmington or Dover or in other nearby city? can help. With our free Delaware termination of lease form templates, all you have to do is fill in the details, download the form, and print it. It's so easy!