Free Illinois Termination of Lease Agreement Form

Important information to Note About the Termination of Lease Form Illinois

If you are a landlord or a tenant, you can easily end the tenancy with or without a specified reason. The law requires you to give the other party a sufficient notice period to vacate or find a new tenant. You only need to fill out a Illinois termination of lease form and serve it to the non-terminating party.

Keep reading to learn more about the lease termination form and how it works.

What is a Lease Termination Notice?

The termination of lease form in Illinois is a legal document used by landlords and tenants to end their rental contracts. The landlord can use the document to notify the tenant that they are canceling the agreement and should vacate the premises within the specified timeline.

The tenant can also use the document to inform the landlord that they want to terminate the rental contract, and the landlord should prepare their deposit (if applicable) and start looking for a new renter.

Note that a rental lease termination letter is different from a notice to quit. The latter is a formal document sent to either a landlord or a tenant informing them of a violation of contract terms, which must be rectified within a specified time. If the mentioned issues/obligations are not addressed, a lease termination letter can be given to end the relationship.

When Should You Use a Lease Termination Notice?

As a landlord, you use a rental agreement cancellation letter when;

  • You want to renovate or sell the property
  • You want to use the property as your home or for any other purpose
  • The tenant is unable to pay rent or has breached the contract terms
  • You want to change the lease terms

  • A tenant can serve a landlord with an end-of-lease letter when;

  • They want to relocate immediately due to a job transfer
  • They want to move out due to poor living conditions on the property or neighborhood
  • The landlord has increased rent or changed the lease terms

  • Details and Legal Requirements for Termination of Lease Notices

    A Illinois termination of lease form should have essential basic information, like the full names of both parties, the rental property address, the effective date of cancellation, and the signature of the terminating party. It should also have a statement showing the intent to end the rental agreement.

    According to Illinois' landlord-tenant laws, a release of lease agreement letter must provide a notice period. Essentially, to end a year-to-year tenancy, you give a 60-day notice. For quarter-to-quarter and month-to-month tenancies, you give a 30-day notice. For week-to-week rental agreements, you provide a 7-day notice.

    Creating a Lease Termination Letter the Easy Way!

    You can create a termination of lease letter in two ways: manually or using an online template. Writing the letter manually can be complicated and time-consuming.

    However using a free Illinois termination of lease form template is simply an excellent option to consider. All you have to do is complete the form with accurate information, download it, and print it. Then, append your signature and serve it to the other party.

    How Lease Termination Letter Work?

    When the landlord serves the letter to a tenant, they will have to vacate by the specified date. If a tenant fails to move out by the termination date, the landlord can get The Writ of Possession. This is a court order used to remove the tenant and their belongings from the rental property. The law enforcement officers will implement the order.

    If you want to create a rental cancellation letter, offers free Illinois termination of lease form templates to streamline the process for you. Simply complete the form online, download it, and print it for the lease termination in Chicago, Aurora, Rockford or for any other city in the state. The process is simple, saving you the stress of writing the letter from scratch.