Free Arkansas Termination of Lease Agreement Form

Key Details About Termination of Lease Form Arkansas

A tenant or landlord has the right to end tenancy due to a breach of contract or any other reason. Landlord-tenant laws require the offended or terminating party to give the other party time (30 days) to vacate or look for a new renter. You (the terminating party) must write a lease cancellation notice or complete a free Arkansas termination of lease form and send it to the other party. Read on to learn more about this form and how you can create one.

What is a Termination of Lease Form?

The termination of lease form in Arkansas is a formal document created or written to end a tenancy agreement. It can be written by either the landlord or the tenant informing the other party of plans to end the contract. Both parties can agree to cancel the contract, but one must create the notice, which can help avoid future legal issues.

Lease Termination Notice Vs. Notice to Quit

A notice to quit is a formal document notifying the landlord or tenant to fulfill certain obligations or leave the property. For example, a landlord can send a notice to quit to a renter who is late on payment to either pay by a specific date or leave the property. If the renter pays, the tenancy continues without any complications.

If the renter doesn't pay, the landlord can send them a lease early termination letter. This informs the tenant to vacate the property within 30 days. If they don't vacate by the mentioned date, they are evicted as per the law.

The Requirements of Lease Termination Form in Arkansas

The state requires the terminating party to give the other party at least a 30-day notice. If the notice period requirement is not adhered to, the non-terminating party can take legal action against them, and there can be financial consequences.

In addition, the Arkansas termination of lease form should have both parties' names, contact information, and addresses. It should also include the reason(s) for termination, the effective cancellation date, and the signature of the terminating party or both parties. Once the form is completed and signed, it should be delivered to the non-termination party.

Creating a Lease Cancellation Form or Letter

There are two ways of creating a lease agreement cancellation document: writing it from scratch or using a free Arkansas termination of lease form template. Writing it is complicated and time-consuming. On the other hand, using a template is so easy. You only need to fill in the details and download the form. Then, print it and sign it before sending it to the other party.

How Do You Serve a Lease Termination Letter?

Once you have a lease agreement cancellation letter, ensure it reaches the other party. You can deliver it by hand to the non-terminating party or mail it. Be sure to adhere to the 30-day notice.

The Eviction Process

If a tenant fails to vacate within 30 days or as per the lease cancellation notice, the landlord can take the necessary steps to evict them. They need to get an eviction court order, which will be implemented by the law enforcement officers. The officers will evict the renter and their belongings from the premises and hand over the house to the landlord.

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