Free Connecticut Bill of Sale

Bill of Sale Connecticut

Since none of us wishes to be accused of wrongdoing after sale or purchase of an expensive asset, or to be stripped ownership of an item because there’s no documentation proving the transfer of ownership, we can all agree that bill of sale is life and money savers. All you need to do is to find the right document.

If you’re wondering, a bill of sale (BOS) refers to the legal document that signifies the sale or the purchase of an asset. Think of it as a receipt which proves that you own the clothes you bought; the only difference being – the BOS is the document you use to prove the purchase or the sale of expensive, small or big, tangible or movable assets. This document also serves as a record of the transaction.

Legally, the state of Connecticut, in the free Connecticut bill of sale form, recognized the buyer and the seller as the two main parties in bill of sale.
The state also recognizes different types of BOS specific to different asset classes.

General Bill of Sale in Connecticut

If you plan on selling the furniture or electronics you no longer need, get a general BOS which will prove that you award someone else the ownership of what was yours. With this document, you can defend yourself in court in case things don’t go too well with your new buyer.

But, here’s a catch: you need to include specifics of the item in the document and both parties have to agree to the information.

Some of the essential details in the BOS include the details of the buyer and the seller (name, physical addresses, and the driver’s license number or the state identification number). It should also contain the exact description or name of the item on sale: the color, make, model, and the serial number. The physical description of the item is necessary when the specific details are missing.

Besides the physical attributes and the specifics, you’ll also need to state the purchase or the trading price of the item while indicating whether you’re taking money or not.

If the buyer doesn’t pay for the item immediately, this should be captured in the BOS as should the expected payment date. And, if you are giving out the item as a gift, capture this information in the document. Note that the free bill of sale form in Connecticut also requires you to list any items associated with the item.

The other important detail necessary in the general BOS is the seller’s disclosure: a document explaining whether the item on sale has defects or not. The disclosure is essential because it details that the buyer understands what they’re getting in to, in relation to the condition of the item on sale.

Connecticut Motor Vehicle BOS

This refers to the document you prepare to proof the transfer of ownership of a used car from a seller to a buyer. In the state of Connecticut, this document is commonly used in the sales involving private parties, especially where the purchase or the sale of the car takes place between individuals and businesses rather than car dealerships.

The state also requires the use of BOS for the registration of the car. It also serves as a document for record keeping and taxation purposes – it protects the seller if the buyer doesn’t register the car or if they abandon it later.

You should, however, note that the bill of sale for motor vehicles does not represent titles and the completion of BOS will not replace the title transfer. This means that besides completing the BOS, you’ll have to complete the title transfer of the car with the department of motor vehicles in Connecticut.

Like other states, the state of Connecticut, CT DMV issues Form H-31 on their website.

  • To complete the BOS, you need:

    • The name and the addresses of the buyer and the seller

    • The details of the motor vehicle – make, model, year, and the body style.

    • The odometer reading

    • The vehicle’s identification number

    • Details of the sale: the date and the sale price

    • Signature of the seller and the date they signed the BOS. The signature of the seller is essential since it serves as certification that the information they’ve issued is accurate.

Connecticut BOS for boats

To sell your boat, you need a proof of sale document specific to boats. The BOS for boats should have the details of the name and the addresses of the buyer and the seller. It should also carry details like the boat’s selling price.

Specific details required include the year, make, model, and the boat’s state vessel number. It should also have certification by the seller showing the seller’s understanding that they’ll receive punishment for perjury if the details given in the BOS are false. Like motor vehicles’ BOS, this BOS should be signed as per the requirements of form H-31.

Which city in the state of Connecticut would you need the BOS processed? Our bill of sale forms are freely available online from any part of the state.