Free California Bill of Sale

Bill of Sale California

You can never be too careful. And while it would seem like an extreme move to ask for or issue a document serving as proof of a trade or a financial transaction, we recommend doing it anyway. Since it’s common for people within the state of California to lose property legally purchased or to be incarcerated for a wrong whose burden would have fallen on the shoulders of another person, it’s only fair, safe and just for you to be under the protection of a legally recognized document. We call this document: a bill of sale.

A bill of sale, also called a BOS refers to a legal written record documenting the change of ownership from a seller to a buyer. While filling in your free California bill of sale, you’ll have to give details of the item(s) traded or gifted, just as you would in other states. And like the other states, you will come across different types of BOS. The bill of sale serves different purposes and is specific to different items. But, unlike the other states, the state of California requires the use of BOS as proof for purchases over $500.00. It’s also a requirement for ownership transfer through a state agency and an essential part of record keeping in the sale of personal property.

So, which bill of sale should you be aware of before filling out your free bill of sale form in California?

Motor Vehicle BOS California

If you intend on registering a newly purchased vehicle in the state of California, know that you’ll need a BOS for that vehicle. The BOS is one of the essential documents for registration, and you’ll also have to register the vehicle 30 days after buying it.

  • As an essential document to the seller and the buyer, here are some of the things which should be in the BOS.

    • The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

    • Vehicle’s model and make

    • Year

    • Vehicle’s License Plate Number

    • The name of the buyer and the seller in print form

    • The buying price of the vehicle

    • The date of purchase for the vehicle

    • Seller’s signature

    • And, if the vehicle is given as a gift, the state of California requires that you mention the type of relationship between the giver and the receiver

    • The vehicle’s dollar value.

Unlike other states, the motor vehicle bill of sale in California goes to a specific registry which keeps specific information about the buyer and the seller. This information includes the names of the parties involved, their mailing addresses, and phone contacts. For the seller, the state identification number, driver’s license number, or the dealer’s number should be included.

Why all this information?

Well, the seller needs this document for record keeping. The buyer needs it as solid proof of purchase. A buyer could also use it to register their newly purchased vehicle as it helps with the determination of the Vehicle License Fee by the DMV. The latter is essential because, in its absence, the DMV uses the approximate value of the vehicle and this may be higher than the car’s actual value.

Bill of sale for junk vehicles

Dismantled vehicles from wreckages or abandonment could be rebuilt or repaired then sold. If you want to sell a vehicle you dismantled and repaired; you’ll have to issue a junk receipt or a dismantler's acquisition number: the proof of ownership. This dismantler's acquisition number will be necessary when you’re re-registering the reassembled or the rebuilt vehicle.

California Boat BOS

If you’re selling a boat, you’ll need a document to prove that you are giving someone else ownership of the boat. This BOS has details like the vessel’s identification number, the year of manufacturing, model, make, as well as the CF Number.

The name of the seller and the buyer is necessary, the price of the boat, and the date of the sale. A notation of relationship is crucial if you are giving away the boat as a gift.

As you get close to closing the deal, you’ll need signatures of both parties, contact phone numbers, printed names, and mailing addresses. The seller’s dealer’s number or the driver’s license number, and the state identification number are also necessary. As a buyer, don’t forget to make extra copies because the state will need a copy during registration.

California Guns BOS

After finding a registered firearms dealer, and as long as you are at least 21 years old and with the state’s ID, you can buy a gun. A BOS will make you the legal owner of the gun.

For transfer of ownership, the BOS form requires details like the buyer’s and the seller’s name, driver’s license number, and the physical address. It also needs the serial number, make, caliber, and type of gun. The price written in words and numbers is also essential. The date for purchase and completion of payment is also necessary as is a description of trade (if any).

Lastly, the BOS must have buyer and seller disclosures to be read and agreed upon before the document’s signing with witnesses present, and notarization. All names and signatures should be in print.

  • Other conditions include

    • Proof of residence in California for a minimum of 90 days

    • You have the get a handgun safety certificate unless you’re exempted; it’s valid for 5 years

    • Proof of mortgage or residential lease

    • A fee of $25

Which BOS are you looking for? Our bill of sale forms available for free online will ensure that you start the purchase of that coveted item today.