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Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

IN CONSIDERATION of ______________________ of ________________________ (the 'Purchaser') providing $_____________USD, which includes all sales taxes (the 'Purchase Price'), the receipt and sufficiency of which consideration is hereby acknowledged to ______________________ of ________________________ (the 'Seller'), the Seller SELLS AND DELIVERS the Motor Vehicle to the Purchaser.

PURCHASE PRICE: The Purchaser will pay the Purchase Price to the Seller by Bank Draft.

MOTOR VEHICLE: The Seller will sell and deliver to the Purchaser the following motor vehicle (the Motor Vehicle):

  • Make: ________________________
  • Model: ________________________
  • Year: ________________________
  • Body Type: ________________________
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): ________________________
  • Odometer Reading: ________________________ miles

WARRANTIES: The Seller warrants that the Motor Vehicle is free of any liens and encumbrances except the Security Interest and that the Seller is the legal owner of the Motor Vehicle. The Seller also warrants that the Seller has the full right and authority to sell and deliver the Motor Vehicle and that the Seller will defend the title of the Motor Vehicle against any and all claims and demands except the Security Interest.

'AS IS' CONDITION: The Purchaser acknowledges that the Motor Vehicle is sold 'as is'. The Seller expressly disclaims any implied warranty as to fitness for a particular purpose and any implied warranty as to merchantability. The Seller expressly disclaims any expressed or other implied warranties.

WORKING ORDER: Any warranty as to the condition or working order of the Motor Vehicle is expressly disclaimed by the Seller.

MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY: Any disclaimer of warranties by the Seller in this Bill of Sale will not in any way affect the terms of any applicable warranties from the manufacturer of the Motor Vehicle.

LIABILITIES: The Seller does not assume, nor does the Seller authorize any other person on the behalf of the Seller to assume, any liability in connection with the sale or delivery of the Motor Vehicle.

INSPECTION: The Purchaser accepts the Motor Vehicle in its existing condition given that the Purchaser has either inspected the Motor Vehicle or was given the opportunity to inspect the Motor Vehicle but chose to not inspect it.

GOVERNING LAW: This Bill of Sale will be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of the State of Nevada.

SIGNED, SEALED, AND DELIVERED this ____________________, _______ in the presence of:




Federal and State Law requires that the Seller state the Mileage upon transfer of ownership. Failure to complete or providing an inaccurate or untruthful statement may result in fines and/or imprisonment.

Odometer Disclosure Statement

I , ______________________ of ________________________ (the 'Seller'), STATE AND DECLARE that the odometer of the following vehicle (the 'Motor Vehicle') reads as follows:

  • Make: ________________________
  • Model: ________________________
  • Year: ________________________
  • Current Odometer Reading: ________________________ miles

  • Body Type: ________________________
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): ________________________

We CERTIFY that to the best of our knowledge the odometer reading as stated above is actual mileage in excess of odometer’s mechanical limits.

this ____________________, _______ in the presence of:


Seller: ______________________
Address: ________________________


Receipt of original copy
is hereby acknowledged by


Purchaser: ______________________
Address: ________________________


Here is How You Create a Nevada Bill of Sale without Errors

When selling personal property like your used car, a boat, an aircraft, or a motorcycle, among other assets, you have to be ready to transfer the asset's title. And since you cannot finalize a sale without a title transfer, it only means that you have to provide the authorities with a document which shows that you are the new owner of the asset. Failing to finalize the sale means that the seller will still be liable for any violations relating to the item.

Enter bill of sale: the document which shows that the seller sold the property in question to the buyer and in so doing, transferred ownership rights and responsibilities to the buyer. The document is legally binding, and the seller creates it. In the BOS, two parties are identified, the seller and the buyer. And, being legally binding, the information provided by the seller should be accurate.

Note, in the Silver State, Nevada, the bill of sale is necessary in specific situations, and you need to make sure that you have everything in the right place when you need the BOS. And, even when it is not mandatory, having a detailed BOS with accurate details ensures that you can prove the transfer of ownership in a court of law should a dispute arise. The document releases your interest in the asset and so, it protects you. You cannot, however, get that protection when the details in the document are incorrect, can you?

Unfortunately, not everyone knows what should be in the BOS or the types of BOS available, and they end up making mistakes. The mistakes may even cost the buyer the ownership rights of the property, and they may not be able to register the property within the given time frame. But, if you are reading this, you are in luck because we shall highlight the elements that make the document complete. Among them:

Use the right document for the item on sale. If downloading a free Nevada bill of sale form for the sale of a car, make sure that it is the correct form acceptable by the DMV in Nebraska. On the same note, ensure that you have a specific and a free bill of sale form in Nebraska for the sale of puppies, dogs, furniture, motorcycles, boats, or horses.

Specific descriptions. Items on sale have unique physical and technical attributes. Note down every detail including the size, color, or shape. You also need to put down the technical specifications which include the serial number, registration number, boat's hull ID, Phone's IMEI number, or the horse's name, model, eye color, and many others. For vehicles, boats, and motor vehicles, you will have to put down the accurate odometer readings and the vehicle's identification number. These details ensure that you can prove what you sold or purchased if a dispute arises. Regulatory and registration authorities also need these details.

Identification details of the parties involved. The BOS will never be approved without the identification details of the parties involved. The form downloaded will have a section that requires your details and those of the buyer; don't leave that out. Enter the full legal names of the seller (you) and the buyer, the driver's license numbers, or the state identification numbers of the parties. The mailing addresses of both parties should also be in the form.

The next important information in the BOS is the purchase price of the item. Even if the amount is not paid on the day that the document is created, you should put it down in words first and then in numbers. The date of the expected payments should also be put down. Speaking of dates: the BOS should have three different dates: date it's created, payment date (if different), and the date that the ownership of the asset is transferred.

Dated Signatures: even with names and state identification numbers, you cannot vouch for the authenticity of the document if it lacks signatures. Both parties to the sale have to sign the document after the details in the form have been confirmed.'

Terms of sale: are you receiving cash, taking the payments in installments, giving out the item as a gift, or is the transaction a trade?

Seller's disclosure: To renounce your responsibilities for the item you are selling, and to prevent liability in future, you should write down the defects that the item on sale has. Even those scratches or tiny cracks should be indicated. This means that the buyer will agree to buy the item on sale 'warts and all' and you will not be charged for not mentioning that the car had a scratch on the bonnet.

Type of BOS

In Nevada, the common types of BOS include:

BOS for Motor Vehicles

The BOS for motor vehicles must have all the details above, and it should also be notarized.

BOS for Horses

This has the details of the sale as well as the name of the horse, the breed, gender, color, date of birth, and the registration number. It should show if a pre-sale health examination is conducted. If a security deposit is given, you have to note down the terms applicable

BOS for Dogs

It has all the details above. However, you should note that the animal is, according to the state laws, only valid for transfer to the care of the buyer only if it’s older than 8 weeks. Note that puppies (and even kittens) cannot be separated from their mother if they are still suckling.

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