Free Nebraska Bill of Sale

Keep a Record of Everything you Sell or Buy with a Bill of Sale in Nebraska

A bill of sale refers to the written document used to keep a record small or large but important sale/ purchase and the transfer of ownership between the private parties. The parties involved are the buyer (s) and the seller (s).

While most private transactions like the sale of a boat or car fail to have documentation to prove the transaction and the subsequent transfer of ownership between parties, it shouldn't be the case. Disputes arise at the most unprecedented times and having an accurate record of the transaction will save either party money or even jail time.

You may, therefore, think of a bill of sale (BOS) as written document and proof of the transfer of ownership rights of an asset from a seller to a buyer. The BOS serves as a written contract between a seller and a buyer: a document that ceases the seller's responsibility for an asset.

Like all the other states, the details of the BOS will depend on the type of transaction entered by the parties, as well as the statutory regulations. Often, transactions that involve large assets like RVs, boats or cars should conform to a specific set of regulations especially when the proof of purchase document is needed for the registration of the asset by the DMV or any other authority.

In Nebraska, you can use the bill of sale to transfer the ownership of motor vehicles, motorcycles, electronics, aircraft, boats, horses, dogs or even furniture. For any of these items, you have to download a free Nebraska bill of sale form specific to the item on sale. You also need to know that the BOS created is legally binding, and it recognizes the buyer and the seller as the legal parties in the document.

So, which are some of the main BOS documents in Nebraska?

The BOS for dogs or puppies

To legally transfer the ownership rights and responsibility for a puppy or a dog, the seller and the buyer have to sign a filled free bill of sale form in Nebraska. Often, the seller is a breeder and the person buying the animal is recognized in the legal books as a buyer.

If buying a puppy that is not ready or old enough to be away from the mother, the buyer, and the seller signs the document but only after the buyer puts down a deposit. Alternatively, both parties could sign the document as proof of sale on the actual day that the transfer of the dog's or puppy's possession is complete.

Note that you will need the BOS if you are selling a dog because you are unable to take care of it, if you are a dog breeder, or if you just want to sell the animal for some other reason.

Since this BOS transfers the ownership rights and obligations for the dog, notarization of this document is necessary. In Nebraska, this document is only used when an individual wants to sell the dog or puppy, and it doesn't apply to an animal control facility or even an animal shelter. Puppies can only be sold or taken away from their mothers unless they are more than 8 weeks old.

  • Why is this BOS crucial?

    • It protects the seller or the buyer from any disputes or misunderstandings in the future

    • It proves that the seller is authorized to sell the dog

    • It's necessary when the buyer wishes to pay for the puppy before it is 8 weeks old

    • The BOS proves the accuracy of the information provided at the time the dog is purchased.

    • You need the document to stipulate any warranties in the event of misinformation, fraud or any other unforeseeable incident.

So, which information should be provided in the puppy or dog BOS?

The date of the purchase, names, and addresses of the seller & buyer and the purchase price.'

The description of the dog is also necessary. Among them, indicate the dog's name, breed, date of birth, gender, registration number, color, and the state of health. Lastly, both parties need to put down their dated signatures, each in the presence of a witness. Notarization is a requirement.

BOS for motor vehicles

The names and addresses of the seller and the buyer, purchase consideration, dates (document creation, payment, and completion), and the conditions of the sale should be put in the form. You also need to put down the vehicle's description- serial number, year, model, registration number, and color. Notarization of this BOS is necessary because the document is important for the vehicle's registration.

The BOS for sale of household items (General BOS)

If you are selling used television, laptop, furniture or farm tools, you need to describe the item on sale in details. Enter the asset's registration number, the serial number, make, model, and the color. Write down any other unique descriptors. You will also need to put down the details of the transaction (sale, trade, or a gift) while noting down any terms of sale. Important dates in this BOS include the date of the document's creation, payment date, and the completion date. The names and addresses of the seller and the buyer should also be indicated.

Lastly, both parties should sign the document. Notarization is not necessary.

Which BOS do you need? Our downloadable bill of sale forms will meet all your unique needs.