Free Nevada Power of Attorney Form

Nevada Power of Attorney Form

Are you thinking of making asking your spouse, partner, parent, sibling, child, or organization to run and keep your affairs in order and to act, in your place, as you would? Well, it’s time to get a power of attorney. But first, let’s answer the tough questions.

What (exactly) is a power of attorney (POA)?

A POA is a legally recognized and binding instrument authorizing a party you trust to make decisions for you when you cannot. The document is recognized in the statutes where you are the principal and the individual you appoint as your decision maker your authorized agent or state-recognized attorney in fact.

With a free power of attorney form in Nevada, you can kickstart the process.

Since a POA gives an agent a lot of responsibilities or even specific but tough directives, you need to be super-careful about the person you choose. You also need to specify your intentions and what you need the agent to do.

The POA is crucial because it helps prevent conflict when medical decisions need to be made, and it also protects your finances with the agent at the helm of power.

Can someone act on the powers when you can think and act for yourself?

Yes, but only if you give them the authority. This is the case for non-springing powers of attorney where the powers granted to the agent are effective after formalization of the document.

However, to protect your property and to ensure that the appointed agent doesn’t act deviously, most POA documents have springing powers of attorney. Whether general or specific, the free Nevada power of attorney form will show your intention to make your agent the authority figure only if you are unable to make the decisions because of physical or mental incapacitation or if you are out of the country. Since the need to execute the POA springs from your inability to act, the document is said to have springing powers of attorney.

  • What are the variations in powers of attorney?

    • 1. Nevada Durable Power of Attorney Laws

You need to prepare for the worse. When fighting for your life but unable to communicate your wishes, Nevada’s durable POA will be used to give the attending physician your health care directives.

The agent will make decisions for you if the doctors determine that you cannot make those decisions. The document also informs the doctors and nurses about your wishes on matters regarding life support for implementation when you are in a coma or dealing with a terminal condition.

The provisions of sections 162A.700 guide this document to 162A.860 of the revised statutes in Nevada.

The powers of the DPOA include authorizing your agent to decide as you would before or after your death. The agent can give consent or refuse to give their consent, or even withdraw their consent to medical care, service, treatment, diagnosis, and other procedures for a patient with a mental or a physical condition.

However, there are exceptions to the powers of the agent. The agent doesn’t have authority over committing the principal into a facility for mental health. Also, they cannot authorize abortions, sterilization, psychosurgery, or convulsive treatment. You can also specify what they cannot authorize.

  • What makes the document valid?

    • The principal, an adult, must sign it

    • It should be notarized though signing by 2 witnesses considered adults can take the place of the notary. The witnesses cannot be doctors, the healthcare facility, or a relative (through blood, adoption, or marriage).

    • It should be prepared as per the requirements of the statutory form.

Withdrawal of the DPOA

  • It’s withdrawn if:

    • The principal revokes it or dies

    • It expires

    • The principal is incapacitated and no alternative agent’s listed.

    • There is a divorce or an annulment

Interstate validity: as long as the DPOA from the other state complies with the laws put forth in Nevada, then it’s valid.

  • If an attending physician or a medical facility acts in good faith and without knowledge that the DPOA is invalid, they won’t be charged.

    • 2. Nevada Limited POA Law

  • To give your agent limited/ special powers over your affairs or just one specific thing, the limited POA has you covered. The POA is executable upon the unavailability or the incapacitation of the principal. The best part is that you can revoke the powers granted to the agent by sending the agent and third parties acting on the agent’s directives a signed and dated revocation notice.

    • 3. Nevada Limited POA for Stock Transactions Law

This is a special POA that lets an agent make decisions as you would on matters regarding trading in stocks. The powers are revocable, and the agent acts only when the principal cannot. A written revocation notice to the agent and the third parties involved revokes the POA.

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