Free Vermont Employment Agreement

Mastering the Basics of an Employment Agreement in Vermont

Are you an employer looking to hire an employee in Vermont? One crucial document you should have in place is an employment agreement. This legally binding written contract between you, the employer, and your employee will govern the agreed terms during the entire working relationship.

It provides grounds for termination and protects your interests and the rights of employees. But note that since the agreement is binding once signed, it is crucial to consider the stated terms before signing it.

What Is Included in an Employment Agreement in Vermont?

Since there are several types of employment agreements, they will contain different information. But generally, the contract should include some of the following:

  • Salary and benefits
  • Job title and roles
  • Days off and vacation
  • Termination terms
  • Performance reviews
  • Liability protection
  • Hours of work
  • Period of employment

The agreement can also contain specific information, like non-disclosure clauses for companies seeking to protect their trade secrets. Once signed, the contract will represent the entire agreement between the employer and employee.

Consequently, any changes to be made later, like modifying the employees' wages, must be authorized by both parties and in writing.

Are Employment Contracts Enforceable?

Employment contracts are enforceable in Vermont. But a written agreement is the easiest to enforce. Written contracts usually have clear terms and conditions, meaning the court can use them to prove intent in the event of a dispute.

Vermont is also one of the states that follow the employment-at-will doctrine. This law stipulates that all working relations are at the employee's and employer's will. Consequently, the two parties are at will to end the working relationship at any time and for or without reason.

However, a valid employment agreement in Vermont will override the at-will employment arrangement. With this, employees can always be at an advantage since they cannot be fired without cause. This also protects employers since they cannot lose employees, which can negatively impact company operations.

Legal Requirements for Vermont Employment Agreements

The Vermont labor laws govern the state's legal requirements for employment contracts. The law stipulates that all agreements must be fair and reasonable. It also pinpoints that the document can never violate state laws and public policy.

The state also has no statutory laws governing restrictive contracts like non-compete. But they must be reasonable and justifiable. Not only that, but they must also meet some of the following legal requirements.

  • It must not be against public policy
  • Must not be unrealistically restrictive
  • Must offer the necessary protection to the employer.

Types of Employment Contracts

Vermont offers several types of employment contracts. The options vary broadly based on the employment type, the contract duration, and the employee to be hired.

  • Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement works by creating clauses forbidding employees from releasing important company information.
  • Employee Non-Compete Agreement outlines the conditions under which an employee will work for competing companies. It also prohibits employees from starting a venture in the same industry as the employer.
  • Independent Contractor Agreement states the operating conditions under which the contractor will work for the employer. The stipulated time can be an employment bond for 2 years or more.

Other types of employment agreements in Vermont include contractor agreement, which offers clear start and end date for an employment contract for a 2-year job or more.

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