Thinking Divorce?

Can we all agree that the decision to divorce, dissolving your marriage after years and even kids is a difficult decision to make? The process takes you through emotional, psychological, financial and physical turmoil; along the way, you will need some help, and one of your professional helpers might be a little unexpected – a private investigator. In as much as we know and often use private investigators when we suspect a cheating spouse, a private investigator could be the best addition to your team as you work out the details of the divorce.

Why do you need to hire a private investigator while thinking of a divorce?

Final Decision

As mentioned above, the decision to cut the ties between you and your spouse legally is not something you come to lightly. You will second-guess every thought, and you’ll question yourself for questioning your spouse. Hiring a private investigator is your best way out since the information collected by the private investigator could help you come at a decision a lot faster, even if you choose not to use the information provided. In most cases, private investigators uncover details you’d have missed for most of your life. Such details could help you come at a decision.


In most cases, information from the private investigator impacts the calculation of the child support when it proves that the spouse earns more than they’ve revealed or if they’re working off the books. The investigation could might also reveal that the spouse being investigated lives with another romantic partner – if the couple had an agreement prohibiting such actions, the information will come in handy in the negotiations. You may download the required documents for legal separation in Texas here for any otherwise situation.


The evidence collected by the investigator in instances of alleged abuse to a child or spouse could be used to persuade the judge to issue a restraining order or even a temporary/ permanent relief for things like child support, legal fees and spousal support.


While living in a no-fault divorce states like Oregon, Nevada, Wisconsin, Washington, Montana, Nebraska, Missouri, Kentucky, Iowa, Michigan, Kansas, Indiana, Colorado, Hawaii, Florida or California means you cannot use your spouse’s adultery as the ground for divorce, knowing about your spouse’s adultery could help in calculating the amount of child support or spousal support.

Child Support

Child support disputes could be resolved easily with information from a private investigator. If you allege that your spouse uses drugs or are alcoholics and the investigator obtains information to support your allegations, you will most likely get custody of your children.

Lastly, you should get a personal investigator if you want solid proof that what you know is factual. Also if required, you may download legal separation papers here for your ease.