Free Connecticut Marital Separation Agreement

Differentiating Divorce from Legal Separation as per Connecticut Law

Say you are not in good terms with your spouse. Your marriage is on the rocks and the only way stay sane is if the two of you separate. You are contemplating leaving your marital home for a while if only to be apart and see how things work, but you just found out that legal separation would be the better choice. Why can’t you just separate without a court order?

Okay, the simply answer to that dilemma would be: legal separation protects your interest. It makes each party’s rights and obligations clear so that no one feels cheated or oppressed. While simply walking away without the court’s interference would be easier, it does not put things into perspective. An even detailed answer will break down all the things that could happen after a casual separation. Your spouse would move states or disappear into thin air. How do you start caring for the kids all by yourself? A Connecticut marital separation agreement is the way to go seeing as legal separation is allowed in the state.

How Does Marital Separation differ from Divorce?

Unlike divorce, marital separation does not end a marriage. It merely gives the both of you time apart to work on your differences. Should you wish to get back together and salvage the marriage, you will only need to dissolve the court order by filing for the resumption of marital relations, and you will pick up from where you left. If you find that you are better apart, then simply move ahead with the divorce by filing for marriage dissolution.

For the judge to issue the court order for legal separation, the feuding couple will be required to fill a marital separation agreement in Connecticut as per the law and present it to a judge. The filled form will state each partner’s rights and liabilities, and it will only be issued as an order if it is equitable as per the law. The agreement will address assets, liabilities, child custody and support, as well as alimony. Any obligation or asset that either partner acquires after the court order has been made official will be treated as individual acquisition, especially in the event of a divorce.

Do you need a Lawyer for Legal Separation?

Yes, you do, seeing as the process mirrors that of a divorce. You will need advice on the best decision for your marriage, and then you can turn to us with any concerns on filling the legal separation forms. We provide agreement that you can use to fill as per the law.

The law requires that a legal separation agreement be equitable but not necessarily fair. That will need the help of a professional to avoid leaving out things that may affect the long-term outcome of the separation.

Fill above info for getting a customized separation agreement and feel free to consult us with any questions you have pertaining legal separation in Connecticut.

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