Free North Carolina Prenuptial Agreement

What to Know About Prenup Agreements in North Carolina

A Prenuptial Agreement is not the most romantic part of getting married in North Carolina, but neither is divorce. North Carolina law does not require a Prenup, but the little bit of time and cost to create a Prenup is nothing (it’s free on our website), compared to the potential costs of not having one if your marriage should end—especially if there is a significant income differential between you and your spouse and/or if you have financial assets that you want to protect in the event of divorce.

North Caroline Divorce Can Be Ugly

The beauty of a Prenup in North Carolina is that it allows you and your partner to agree in advance to what the financial consequences will be should your marriage come to an end. As money is the number one issue married couples (already) fight about, it’s not as if you will magically get better at it when going through a divorce, quite the contrary. A Prenuptial Agreement enables both parties know what to expect, so there are fewer things to fight about and fewer surprises, because fighting and surprises in a divorce, can be very expensive.

But Do I Need a Prenup in North Carolina?

If you find yourself reading this far into the article on North Carolina Prenuptial Agreements, it is likely you have good reason to be doing so. NC Prenup Agreements are not just beneficial to the economically advantaged partner in a marriage, although that is a common misperception. A Prenup is also beneficial for the economically dependent spouse to be able to agree in advance on spousal support/alimony, specifically the amount of alimony in North Carolina and duration of alimony in North Carolina. Prenups in North Carolina are also used to protect a divorcing spouse from a stake in a family-owned business or an inheritance, as well as to protect children from earlier marriages by ensuring their financial interests.

Are There Things an NC Prenup Agreement Cannot Address?

A North Carolina Prenuptial Agreement cannot address issues of child custody and child support. Such issues are for you and your spouse to decide through a Marital Separation Agreement and/or for the trial court to decide. You can include them in your Prenup Agreement, and sometimes people do, but those sections would be unenforceable.

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