Free Wyoming Employment Agreement

Employment Agreement in Wyoming: What You Need to Know

Hiring a new employee means giving them access to confidential company data. If a set of such information like trade secrets leaks, your company could be disadvantaged at the mercy of your competitors. An employment agreement in Wyoming can protect you against such eventualities.

Not only that, but this legal document will also help you build a professional working relationship and lessen the likelihood of conflicts with your new hire. Essentially, it will protect your rights as an employer and those of the employee.

What is a Wyoming Employment Contract, and What Does it Contain?

A Wyoming employment agreement is a legally binding document specifying the employment clauses and conditions between an employer and an employee.

It outlines the responsibilities and rights that are associated with each of the parties involved. The following are some of the specifics that are included in the agreement:

  • Salary and benefits
  • Duration of employment
  • Scope of work
  • Termination clauses
  • Holidays and vacation terms
  • Confidentiality clauses

Although employment agreements in Wyoming are most commonly utilized when recruiting highly compensated full-time employees, they are also ideal when hiring independent contractors, freelancers, and other temporary workers.

It is essential, however, to keep in mind that the agreement's particulars will differ for each new worker based on the kind of work, the contract duration, and other factors.

Are Employment Agreements Enforceable?

The basic rule in Wyoming is that employment contracts are enforceable only if they satisfy a few specific legal requirements as provided by Wyoming labor and employment laws.

This comes after Wyoming passed a new law prohibiting courts from revising non-compete agreements that were initially enforceable. So, for them to be enforceable, they must meet the following perquisites:

  • It must be in writing
  • It must be voluntary without coercion or undue influence on either party.
  • All parties must have a complete comprehension of the conditions and circumstances that have been described.
  • Its provisions need to be legal, and any non-compete clauses should be reasonable in terms of their scope and duration.
  • Must not violate public policy

Also, it is essential to remember that Wyoming is one of the states that adheres to the "at-will" employment law. This means that either side can terminate the working relationship at any moment unless the agreement specifies otherwise.

Although an agreement could provide protection and certainty for both sides, it's still advisable to contact an attorney to ensure the agreement is enforceable and complies with Wyoming laws and public policy.

The Legal Requirements for Employment Agreement in Wyoming?

The particular legal requirements for each contract in Wyoming will vary based on the agreement in question. But any legal contract must cover basics like job description and compensation terms. And it can be either written or oral.

Written contracts are superior to verbal agreements and much simpler to uphold. Therefore, written contracts are required for all restrictive employment arrangements, including non-compete clauses.

Types of Wyoming Employment Contracts

The following kinds of employment contracts are recognized as valid and enforceable under Wyoming law:

  • A permanent employment agreement is mostly used by companies to hire permanent employees. The new hires will have set working hours, detailed compensation, and no end date.
  • A fixed-term contract is an employer and employee agreement with a clearly defined start and end date.
  • A non-compete agreement is an extended employment contract that prevents a former employee from engaging with a competitor or establishing a competing firm within a certain time frame after departing the employer.

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