Free Alaska Termination of Lease Agreement Form

What You Must Know About the Termination of Lease Form in Alaska

A termination of lease form in Alaska is a legal document written by either a landlord or tenant when one or both parties choose to end the tenancy agreement. The terminating party can have a valid reason to cancel the contract, but it is not a must. You can cancel the agreement at will as long as you follow the set regulations.

Read on to learn more about the Alaska termination of lease form.

Is the Lease Termination Letter the Same as the Notice to Quit?

A notice to quit is different from a termination of lease agreement letter. Notice to quit is written by one party (landlord or renter) notifying the other that there is a breach of contract and they should fulfill their part of the deal or quit. It is like a reminder or warning letter. The working relationship continues if the mentioned issue(s) are addressed on time.

The contract can be terminated if the issues are not resolved on time. A lease agreement cancellation letter will be used to end the contract. The non-terminating party will be served the letter and given some time to take the necessary action.

Reasons to Write a Termination of Lease Letter

Both the landlord and tenant can cancel the lease agreement for various reasons:

For instance, a landlord can write a lease agreement termination letter if;

  • The renter is unable to pay rent
  • A tenant has become problematic
  • They (the landlord) want to renovate, sell, or use the property for any other purpose

  • The tenant can cancel a lease agreement if;

  • They received a job transfer and want to relocate as soon as possible
  • They want to move into their newly built or bought home
  • The landlord is not addressing their concerns, like damages or structural issues
  • The landlord has been causing unnecessary trouble
  • The end of the lease term is approaching, and they don't want to renew the contract
  • Termination of Lease Agreement Letter Requirements

    For a completed Alaska termination of lease form to be legally binding, a landlord or tenant must give the non-terminating party a 30-day notice. The notice allows the tenant some time to look for another house and plan the move. On the other hand, it will enable the landlord to look for a new tenant for the property.

    In addition, the lease cancellation letter must have the personal information of the renter and the landlord. The terminating party must include the expiry date and, if possible, provide the reason(s) for cancellation. Once the letter is ready and signed, it must be delivered by hand or mailed to the non-terminating party.

    Lease Agreement Cancellation Notice and Eviction Process

    A lease agreement cancellation notice is given to a tenant informing them to vacate the premises within 30 days. If you (the tenant) don't move out of the property by the specified date, the landlord can initiate the eviction process. They will go to court and get an order authorizing the sheriff to physically evict you and your possessions from the property.

    Creating a Termination of Lease Letter

    If you want to end your lease agreement earlier than outlined in the original contract, you can write a lease agreement cancellation letter from scratch. You can get a sample lease termination letter and use it to write yours.

    Alternatively, you can complete a free Alaska termination of lease form online. Once you fill out the details, download and print it. Then, sign and serve it to the non-terminating party.

    If you are wondering how to create a lease termination letter, can help. We offer free Alaska termination of lease form templates you can fill out, print, and sign to cancel the tenancy contract. It's that easy!