Free Alabama Affidavit

What You Need to Know Before Filing an Alabama Affidavit Form

An affidavit is an essential legal document that can be used in courts, debt disputes, and when confirming the legality of some details. An affidavit is a statement of an individual made under oath confirming that the contents of the information are accurate.

You may require an affidavit in Alabama in different situations. And that is why there is various options ideal for unique conditions or requirements. Read on to know the essential details before filling out any Alabama affidavit form.

Features of an affidavit

An affidavit should be in writing — You need to know that an affidavit is a written statement of a person (affiant) confirming that the information in the form is accurate and true to the best of their knowledge.

The affiant must sign and notarize it – All affidavit forms should be signed by the individual submitting them. Signing the document means you swear under law or oath that the submitted information is accurate based on your knowledge. The document becomes legal when signed by the affiant and notarized by a notary public.

It must relate to facts alone – Your affidavit should state facts or accurate information based on your knowledge or belief. It should not be based on mere assumptions or rumors.

Should be in the active voice – Note that the information you include in an affidavit is based on your belief, knowledge, or what you saw. You will share your facts or what you know, so you must use the first person or active voice. Remember to use active voice when filling out the statement section.

Common Alabama Affidavit Forms and How to Fill Them

The affidavit form of paternity is one of the most common affidavits sworn in Alabama. The affidavit is sworn by a natural father acknowledging the paternity of a child. The document is filed with the Alabama Center of Heath Statistics to allow the father's name to be added to the child's birth certificate. In other words, in this affidavit, the affiant permits the minor or child to use his surname.

When filing this form, you should have the child's name, the date, and year of birth. You must also include your residence. If you don't have accurate details like the child's birth year, don't fill out the form until you have everything correctly in place. The affidavit will not be accepted if it has the wrong information.

Another common example is the affidavit form DMV. This Alabama affidavit form is required when you don't have a current certificate of title for a motor vehicle, semi-trailer, or trailer due to loss or other legitimate situations. You can fill out the form to confirm that you are the vehicle's legal owner. You must provide the car registration details such as manufacture year, model, and number plate.

If You Provide False Information, You Will Be Held Liable

Most people don't know that swearing a false affidavit is punishable by law in Alabama. If you provide false facts or information when filling out your affidavit form of paternity or any other, you will be held liable, and you can be charged in a court of law. Therefore, before filling out any affidavit form and signing it, confirm that the information stated is accurate and verifiable.

Final Words

When filling out an affidavit form, you should be very careful. You should read the form and enter your personal information and statement. But to simplify your affidavit filing process, you should get a free Alabama affidavit form here at this website.