Free California Affidavit

A Guide to Filling Out a California Affidavit Form

If you live in California, you may require an affidavit when handling different legal matters. For instance, you may require an affidavit of heirship for a motor vehicle when transferring car ownership from a deceased owner to an heir. You may also need a California affidavit when selling a real estate property.

Also, notarized affidavits are used in courts and government agencies to verify information and process documents. Read on to learn what an affidavit is and how to fill out an affidavit form.

What is an Affidavit?

An affidavit is a written statement sworn to be accurate by an individual before a notary public. The person writing the affidavit will state facts or precise information based on their knowledge.

And that is why the affiant (the person writing the affidavit) uses the first-person voice and must sign the document. This legal document can be used as evidence in legal proceedings and many other situations like when applying for driving licenses and proving residency.

Several Types of Affidavit in California

Before you learn how to fill out a free California affidavit form, you should know that there are many types of affidavits. And filling out these forms requires different details and some knowledge. But what unifies them is that the parties writing them must give accurate statements.

Here are some common affidavits in California,

Affidavit of heirship for a motor vehicle – This California affidavit is required when one wants to transfer car ownership from a decedent to an heir. This document would be a must, especially if the deceased's estate were not probated. It also contains the vehicle details like car identification number, year of manufacture, make and model.

It should also have information about the deceased, surviving heir(s), and to whom the vehicle is being transferred. The affidavit should be signed by the affiant and other heirs (if any) and notarized by a notary officer.

Affidavit of disclosure – Affidavit of disclosure is applicable when selling and buying properties. It is where a person discloses secret or unknown information about a property to another person or the public. For instance, when selling a property, the sellers should write a disclosure about materials used before the transfer of ownership. The parties must provide accurate and honest details; otherwise, they could be held liable in a court of law.

Self-certification affidavit – This type of affidavit is mainly required when an individual is self-certifying something. For instance, commercial drivers should complete a self-certification affidavit form when applying for a medical certificate. The affidavit may also be required when certifying a medical card.

Filling Out an Affidavit form

To write an affidavit form in California, it is an excellent idea to use online tools. With an online affidavit-creating tool, the whole process becomes hassle-free, saving you time and the headache. In addition, these tools give you access to general affidavit forms that you could have otherwise struggled to get.

Probably all you have to do is to choose a reliable online tool to create your affidavit form. After answering some basic questions, your California affidavit form will be ready for download in a few minutes. Once you download the form, you should fill out the spaces, except for the notary acknowledgment section. Enter your name, date, statement or facts, and signature.

But remember that some affidavit forms may have almost every detail, so all you have to do is fill out personal information like names and dates.

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