Free California Partnership Agreement

California Partnership Agreement

A Partnership Agreement is also known as:

    • General Partnership Agreement

    • Business Partnership Agreement

    • Partnership Contract

When entering into any type of business relationship with another person/organization, it is advised that you create a Business Partnership Agreement to include the terms of your partnership. A California Partnership Agreement is a written, legally binding document that outlines the roles and relationships of the partners to each other and to the business venture.

Free California Partnership Agreement Ready in Minutes

Our Partnership Agreement Template is straightforward. Simply fill in the information above to begin and your free Partnership Agreement will be ready in minutes to download, print and email. You need only your signatures to make the Agreement valid. No notarization and no witnesses are required.

Information Contained in a Partnership Agreement

Specifics of a Partnership Contract include who, what, why, when, where, how and the “what-ifs” of your partnership venture.

    • Names/Contact information of partners

    • d/b/a name of partnership and where it will do business

    • Beginning date of partnership. (The partnership can be open-ended, or it can have a set end date)

    • Cash and capital contributions of the partners

      This includes the Initial capital contributions to start the business, whether partners are entitled to interest on their capital contributions, how capital accounts will be managed, under what circumstances, if any, are partners required to make additional contributions and/or allowed to withdraw capital contributions, and how any of this affects partnership interests.

    • Accounting method and distribution of profits and losses to the partners, including who will be in charge of maintaining the accounting books and records

    • Naming of a Managing Partner for day-to-day management of the business and a Tax Matters Partner who will represent the partnership to the IRS

    • Voting rights of the partners, which aspects call for voting and which do not, along with vote tally required for various decisions

    • Dispute resolution clause that compels a third-party mediator/arbitrator to resolve disputes that cannot be resolved in-house

    • Dissolution of partnership. The Partnership Agreement must outline the conditions for dissolution of the partnership, such as a willful breach of contract by a partner, written contract to dissolve the partnership, insolvency orders under state laws, or death of a partner.

Our site helps you create a California Partnership Agreement. We offer free on-line templates and Partnership Agreement samples that make it easy. Simply fill in the information above to get started.

Whether you live in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Oakland, Bakersfield or any other city in California, you can easily create a Business Partnership Agreement above.