Free Hawaii Affidavit

The Essential Details About Hawaii Affidavit Form

An affidavit is a written statement of facts, sworn to and signed by a person before a notary public or any other officer authorized to administer an oath. The affiant swears that the facts contained in the statement are true based on their knowledge. This legal document can be used in legal proceedings, divorce proceedings, and many other applications. Read on to learn more about Hawaii affidavits and when you may need one.

Types of Hawaii Affidavit Forms

There are many affidavit forms in Hawaii. Here are the most common ones:

Child Support Affidavit Form

This Hawaii affidavit form is used when a custodial parent swears under oath, stating they do not receive child support from their partner. This mainly happens after divorce or separation, where one parent is given child custody. A child support affidavit will be required to persuade the court to take action against the parent for failing to honor the child support agreement.

Common Law Marriage Affidavit Form

This type of affidavit form comes in handy when a couple wants to declare that they are lawfully married and live in the same house. This affidavit will act as an alternative to a marriage certificate. And it may be used to change the status of individual parties as "married" on documents and records. The Hawaii affidavit will also be required when couples want to start filing joint income tax returns.

Divorce Affidavit Form

This form is used when a couple wants to have an uncontested divorce. Both parties must sign the document. However, both parties must agree on all issues regarding asset division, child custody and support, alimony, child visitation, and more. With a signed and notarized divorce affidavit form, divorcing parties may not appear in court for their marriage to be annulled.

How to get an Affidavit form in Hawaii

There are several ways to get a form of affidavit in Hawaii. The local courts offer most of these forms, and you can visit their offices for one. Alternatively, you can download the form from a designated judiciary website. Once you have your printed affidavit form, you should fill out the details and make it legal by signing and notarizing it.

What Does a Hawaii Affidavit Entail?

It is worth noting that the information included in a Hawaii affidavit depends on the type of affidavit.

For a child support affidavit, you will need to include:

    • Your name, address, and marital status

    • Your income

    • Detailed information about the child's needs

    • Name and address the parent not sending the child support

    • Expense calculations and estimates

    • Your signature

For a common law marriage affidavit, you will need to include:

    • Couples names

    • A statement where you certify that you and your partner established a common law marriage on a particular date.

    • Signature of both parties

    • A notary public signature and seal/stamp

For a divorce Affidavit form, you must fill out the following details:

    • Names and addresses of both parties

    • Marriage certificate details

    • Your children’s name, if any

    • A statement explaining the situation and declaring that you have both agreed to end the marriage amicably

    • Date

When Do You Need a Hawaii Affidavit?

You may need an affidavit in Hawaii in many situations. For instance, if you and your spouse decide to end your marriage without legal battles, you can complete a divorce affidavit form. If you are the custodial parent and have not been receiving child support from the other parent, you will need to fill out a child support affidavit and file it in court to take action against the non-compliant party.

Whether you need a common law marriage affidavit or general affidavit form, got you covered. We offer different affidavit form templates that you can download, print, fill out, notarize and use in different situations.