Free Idaho Affidavit

Everything You Need to Know About Idaho Affidavit

An affidavit is a written statement or declaration of facts made under oath before a notary public or judicial officer. This legal document is essential in court cases and may be a requirement when making applications in court and government entities. Read on to learn everything about the Idaho affidavit.

An overview of Idaho Affidavits

An Idaho affidavit is a document that contains a statement of facts sworn to be accurate by a person(s) based on their knowledge. And it is worth noting that the document should be filled out with accurate information or facts. It should not be based on misconceptions, assumptions, or rumors.

Most importantly, a general affidavit form should be completed by a person on their own free will. One should not be coerced or intimidated to fill out and sign an affidavit.

An affidavit in Idaho becomes legal when it is signed by the affiant(s) and notarized by a notary public or any officer authorized to administer oaths. A notarized affidavit can be used in court proceedings, succession cases, and many other applications.

When Do You Need an Idaho Affidavit?

You may need Idaho affidavit in different situations, including the following:

    • To notify DMV that a registered vehicle is not in operation– If you have a registered vehicle that is not operational or packed on any Idaho roadway, you will need to fill out a DMV affidavit of non-use form. You will need to have your license plate number, vehicle identification number, and insurance policy number. This affidavit will help prevent vehicle registration suspension.

    • When you lose a title of a vehicle/vessel – If you have lost a title to a vehicle or vessel, you must fill out, sign, and notarize a lost title affidavit form. This notarized Idaho affidavit will be essential when applying for a replacement or duplicate title. If you don't have a sworn statement or affidavit declaring that your title is lost, it will be hard to get a replacement.

    • When Applying for Medical Card or Renewing Commercial Driver's License – If you are a commercial driver, you must fill out and submit a self-certification affidavit form when applying for or renewing your driver's license. You may also need this affidavit form when applying for a medical card.

What Should an Affidavit Include?

Please note that affidavits are different but have unique elements featuring in every affidavit. So, what's included in an affidavit depends on its purpose.

For example, if you need a self-certification affidavit in Idaho, the form should include:

    • Your name and address

    • Driver's license number

    • Statement of facts or information you are confirming to be true

    • Your signature

    • The date of signing the affidavit

    • Notary public signature and seal/stamp

Suppose you are writing a DMV affidavit of non-use; please include the following information:

    • Your name and address

    • The license plate number of the vehicle

    • The last five digits of your vehicle identification number

    • Insurance policy number (optional)

In the case of a lost title affidavit, the document should include:

    • Vehicle/vessel information- vehicle identification number, title number, year of manufacture, make, and model

    • Your name, driver's license number, and address

    • Lienholder on record, if applicable

    • Your signature,

    • Notary public's name, signature, and stamp

How to Get Idaho Affidavit Forms

You can get a general affidavit form or other forms in courts and government entities. For instance, if you want a lost title affidavit form, you can get it at the Idaho Transportation Department. You can get the form at their offices or download it from their website for free.

Suppose you are in a situation requiring an affidavit, has a solution for you. We have different Idaho affidavit form templates that you can download and print for free.