Free Missouri Employment Agreement

Employment Agreement in Missouri: Everything You Need to Know!

As an employer, have you ever wondered what could happen if your employees share your trade secrets and confidential information with your competitors? You would be unfairly disadvantaged and could lose customers and revenue.

However, you can use a Mississippi employment agreement to protect your business against any of these eventualities. Keep reading to learn more about the employment agreement in Missouri, including how you can create one quickly.

What is a Missouri Employment Contract?

An employment agreement in Missouri is a legally binding contract that outlines employment terms and conditions that an employer and employee agree to at the beginning of the employment relationship. The employer prepares the contract, but the employee must read and understand the terms before signing or agreeing to the arrangement.

The agreement protects the employer's trade secrets and confidential information from employee abuse. In addition, the agreement clearly outlines the duties, compensation, duration of the contract, and other details, helping avoid misunderstandings. The contract also provides certainty and stability to both parties and protects their interests.

Essential Elements of a Missouri Employment Contract

A typical employment document or agreement should have the following details;

  • Employer and employee details
  • Job title and description
  • Terms of employment, including contract duration
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Non-disclosure contract
  • Non-compete contract
  • Termination and severance clauses

The contract details will vary with the job, employer, and employee type. So, expect a contract used when hiring a permanent employee to have different or more/less information compared to a fixed-term individual employment agreement.

Also, note that you don't have to create the contracts from scratch. You can use online templates to create the agreement based on your unique needs. All you need is to confirm that the template has all the necessary details based on the job and the type of employee you are hiring.

Are Employee Agreements Enforceable in Missouri?

Employment agreements are enforceable in Missouri. However, they must abide by the Missouri contract and non-compete laws. So, if the contract provisions don't violate laws or public policy, it is enforceable, and both parties are held to the terms of the agreement.

Missouri also regulates restrictive contracts, like non-compete agreements, to ensure they are only enforced in limited circumstances. The regulations state that non-compete agreements can only be enforced if they meet these requirements;

  • It must be reasonable when it comes to geographic boundary and duration
  • Specifically designed to protect company/business interests
  • Have restrictions to protect trade secrets, customer contacts, and confidential information

Note that Missouri is an at-will employment state, meaning that an employer or employee can terminate the employment relationship at any time for any reason. But note that a valid employment document or agreement will protect employees against unfair dismissal.

The Legal Requirements for Missouri Employment Contracts

Missouri is lenient regarding employment contracts. The state recognizes both written and oral agreements. However, the state recommends that contracts going for more than one year be in writing. But both written and oral agreements are enforceable if they adhere to Missouri contract and employment laws.

Although oral contracts are enforceable, they are challenging to verify and prove. So, be wise and use written and signed contracts when hiring permanent employees, part-time workers, and contractors. Written agreements are easy to verify.

Types of Employment Contracts in Missouri

Employers can use various types of employment contracts in Missouri, and here are the common options.

  • A permanent contract is used when hiring permanent employees.
  • Fixed-term employee contract is used when hiring workers for a specified duration.
  • Independent contractor employment agreement is used when hiring independent contractors or freelancers to complete a particular job or project.

If you want to create a Missouri employment contract, can help. We offer free Missouri employment agreement forms that you can complete online. Using these sample forms will not only save you time but money that you could have otherwise spent on hiring an attorney.