Free Nebraska Power of Attorney Form

Who do you trust to act diligently, authoring transactions only when necessary, in your absence? Do you think they can prevent losses or even increase the profit margins if you let them manage your stock transactions for some time? How about your health – say you had to go for under the knife a few days from today, who would you trust to follow and act on your wishes when you are unconscious and unable to make the tough calls?

Do you have the name and the credentials of the trusted party put in an official and a legally recognized document for surety? We all know that we cannot trust our fellow humans fully, right?

Well, this website will help you make the right decisions and write down your wishes knowing that the person you listed in the document will not act contrary to your orders. The document is a power of attorney. A power of attorney, POA, refers to a legal instrument that lets you authorize the person you trust to carry out business or to make healthcare decisions on your behalf when you cannot. In the document, you are the principal and the person who takes the mantle in your place in the event of your incapacitation is your agent or the attorney-in-fact.

The law recognizes this document, and unless its terms state otherwise, it’s only executable on your behalf when you cannot act. This means that most powers of the POA are springing powers of attorney. In your free Nebraska power of attorney form, you will need to mention when the document becomes executable.

  • Types of POA and the Laws applicable

    • 1. Nebraska Durable Power of Attorney

Also called Nebraska POA, it’s a legal instrument granting your agent the authority to make the big decision that pertains to your health and the end of life procedures you prefer. The document and the directives in it are only executable if you’re incapacitated and unable to agree to or refuse treatment. Since the agent is bound by the terms of a power of attorney, they can only act as you direct.

Note that the document is only used when you’re unconscious or suffering from dementia, or generally unable to give consent but, the free power of attorney form in Nebraska is only written and signed when you’re of sound mind and under no duress.

The legal requirements of Nebraska’s DPOA are covered in code section 30-3401et seq. of the healthcare POA.

  • DPOA Powers

    • Power to withdraw any routine comfort care

    • Withdrawal of typical and usual provision of hydration and nutrition

    • Withholding or withdrawal of life-support procedures administered artificially

    • However, attempted suicide isn’t a condition that springs to life the use of the DPOA.

  • DPOA Legal Requirements

    • It should be in writing, and it should identify the parties in the document.

    • It should give the agent explicit authority to act when the principal cannot act

    • It should be signed with 2 adult witnesses present

    • It must show the execution date

    • It should be created according to the requirements and a format similar to §30-3408

    • The directives don’t apply to a pregnant woman with probable childbirth.

Revoking the powers of the DPOA

At any time that the principal can communicate their intention to revoke the POA, then the powers of the agent are rescinded

But, until the principal dies or in the event of a divorce or a legal separation, the powers remain active.

Interstate validity: if the DPOA executed in another state is deemed valid in the state it was created or in the state of Nebraska, then it shall remain valid.

An unwilling attending physician is required by law to make the attorney-in-fact aware of their decisions, and then the physician should help transfer the patient to a different attending.

  • But, if the attending physician acts in good faith, they shall not be held liable for their actions.

    • 2. Nebraska Limited POA Law

  • A principal wishing to transfer specific powers to their agent uses a limited POA. This document stipulates the matters to be covered by the agent and the powers are only acted upon if the principal is incapacitated or unavailable. The powers are revocable using a written revocation notice sent to the agent and all the third parties acting on the authority of the agent.

    • 3. Nebraska POA For Bank Account Matters Law

This is a special POA that allows you to grant your agent specific powers and tasks regarding your bank account. The powers are only acted upon when the agent is unavailable or unable to act on those decisions. The powers are revocable. And, revocation is through the issuance of a revocation notice sent to the agent and any other affected third parties.

So, are you looking for special, limited or durable POA documents? Our free online power of attorney forms are available at any time and from any city in the state of Nebraska including Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue or Grand Island.