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Find Out About Prenups in South Carolina

In South Carolina, one of the quickest ways to end an engagement is to spring a Prenup on your intended right before the wedding. And that’s not all. If you wait until the last minute to enter into a Prenup in South Carolina, it most likely will not be enforceable. Why? Because South Carolina law states that a Prenup Agreement in South Carolina cannot be coerced. In order for a South Carolina Prenup to be legally binding, It must be entered into voluntarily and knowingly by both parties and not under duress. When to send a Prenup in SC? You should send a Prenup at least 30 days before getting married in South Carolina to avoid claims of coercion.

Happily Ever After May Be Shorter Than You Think.

It’s a stark reality. Half of all married couples will end up divorced. And while there’s nothing romantic about a South Carolina Prenuptial Agreement, it is a practical “investment” in both parties’ futures, and an argument could be made that before marriage, when two people are in love and decisions are being made with the best of intentions, is the best time to prepare and sign a South Carolina Prenup. It may be true that love is blind, but it doesn’t have to leave you broke.

Money Matters for Better or for Worse.

You’ve heard the stories. By now, we all know of beautiful couples that end in in ugly divorces. Not surprisingly, the number one issue married couples fight about is money, and it is not likely that will change when divorcing. In fact, it can get worse—way, way worse. Divorce in South Carolina is no exception. Ask anyone, and they will tell you that they would have done anything to avoid a tumultuous divorce. If you wait until your marriage is on the rocks, it will be too late. The time is now to create a Prenup in South Carolina (and it’s free on our website).

Can a Prenup Agreement in SC include Child Support and Child Custody?

No. In South Carolina, Prenuptial Agreements cannot dictate child support and custody arrangements in advance. Any and all custody decisions are based on the best interests of the children at the time of the parents' separation or divorce, and never beforehand. South Carolina child support and custody issues are included in a Marital Separation Agreement between separating spouses and/or for the trial court to decide.

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