Free Wyoming Power of Attorney Form

Wyoming Power of Attorney Form

Thinking of asking your sister, brother or spouse to make the big decisions, and to take care of things when you are away or when you are in the hospital, unable to take of things? You need a power of attorney.

It refers to a document legally recognized to authorize a party you trust with the authority to call the shots in your place. Some of the powers granted may include whether you die or you are put on life support. Therefore, you have to be careful when choosing your proxy. Make sure that the person selected has your best interests at heart.

To protect your interests, the document with the powers granted must be in writing, signed, and notarized. In the document, you are referred as the principal whole the person you hand over control to is the attorney-in-fact or your agent.

So, which kind of power are you handing over?

Before you fill the free power of attorney in Wyoming, you have to determine the type of document you need since the state has different types of powers of authority. Keep reading to find out which power of attorney document you should subscribe to.

Wyoming Durable Power of Attorney Laws

While you never imagine yourself being hooked up to machines to breathe, it happens to others, and it could happen to you too. And, even though being hooked up to a respirator may never appear on your bucket list, you need to be sure that the right decisions and your wishes will be respected then. For that assurance, you need a durable power of attorney (DP0A). This document, written, signed and notarized when are on control of your facilities will help the agent you choose to do what you want and not be biased by the decisions and believes of other members of your family.

Under the Code Section 3-5-201, et seq. of the Wyoming Durable POA for Health Care, the durable powers of attorney are deemed executable only if the legal instrument is signed and dated with 2 witnesses present. The witnesses have to sign the document before it is notarized. The attorney-in-fact will only take over power if these conditions are met.

Powers of the Durable POA

The appointed attorney-in-fact may, as directed by the POA give consent, refuse consent or even withdraw consent over some medical procedures, treatments, interventions, procedures for care or artificial nourishment.

However, the state of Wyoming doesn’t allow the agent to make decisions on the provision of comfort care, pain alleviation, or the administration of convulsive treatments. Psychosurgery and commitment of a principal to a mental facility are also beyond the scope of the agent’s powers.

Revocation of the POA document

  • If the principal is at a position to communicate their wishes and to give consent or refuse consent over a medical procedure, then their communication takes precedent, and the DPOA deemed invalid. Otherwise, the document is revocable If the following events take place:

    • If the principal sends a written revocation notice to the agent

    • If the principal notifies their health care provider of their need to revoke the document, in writing.

    • In the event of a divorce, if the former spouse was the durable health care agent.

    • If a subsequent POA for healthcare exists and is deemed valid.

Note that attending physicians acting in good faith do not suffer any criminal, professional, or legal liability.

Wyoming Power of Attorney for Childcare Law

If you intend on leaving your child with their grandparents or your best friends for about 6 months, and you want to ensure that your child is safe and protected at all times, you need to hand over power over your child. Even when related, your child could get sick and you the person he or she stays with has to make tough decisions, especially if you are unreachable.

It is, therefore essential that you give the non-parent authority over your child. For that, you need to write down your conditions and then sign and notarize the document. The document is legally recognized as an expression of the child’s interest, and the non-parent will be able to authorize medical procedures or treatments, or attend parent-teacher meetings, or just sign up your child for an activity. As the parent, you can limit the power you give.

The best part is that you can take back the power from the non-parent any time within the 6 months. You only need to give a withdrawal notice, fill a revocation form and deliver the notice to the non-parent in person. You will have your powers back as soon as you deliver the notice and the form. A free Wyoming power of attorney form is available online.

Wyoming Limited Power of Attorney Law

If given all the power, your agent can do things you wouldn’t want them to do. You can prevent that by signing a limited letter of attorney which gives the agent powers to a specific extent. That means that the agent only handles specific matters when you are unable to or when unavailable.

The limited powers are revocable through a written revocation notice sent by the principal to the agent and the third parties working under the directives of the agent.

Which city of Wyoming do you live in? Casper, Cheyenne, Laramie, Gillette, Rock Springs? Well, it doesn’t matter because we’ve got you covered wherever you are with our free online power of attorney form.