Free Alaska Power of Attorney Form

Alasksa Power of Attorney Form

What if you had to go away for several months from your business, who would make the tough decisions in ways that represent your wishes? Or, let’s say you just received a diagnosis for a terminal condition, and you have limited time, what would your dying wishes be, and who do you trust to make the big decisions as per your wishes?

These aren’t ordinary questions you like dealing with, are they?

Unfortunately, you have to deal with them, and you have to trust someone to make the tough calls when you are unable to.

The good news is that, even with your trust issues, you can rely on someone else to abide by your wishes thanks to the power of attorney (POA) document. A POA is a legal instrument that lets you appoint someone else as the executor of your affairs or as the person to ask the doctors to pull the plug in the event of your incapacitation. In the free Alaska power of attorney form, you are the principal and the appointed person is the agent or the attorney-in-fact. Once it’s signed and dated (notarized) with adult witnesses present, the document is legally binding.

Alaska Durable Powers of Attorney Laws

If you are looking for a free power of attorney form in Alaska, one that lets you appoint your friend, parent, sibling, or child as your agent, get the durable POA. The document names the appointed person the health care agent.

The appointed agent is required by law to act and make decisions as the principal would.

In the state of Alaska, the requirements for the DPOA are covered in the statutes under section 13.26.332, 335, et seq.

Powers and the Life-Prolonging powers for the Alaska DPOA

The directives of the DPOA give the agent the power to give consent or to refuse to issue consent for medical treatments and interventions in place of the principal. The consent of the agent only covers the matters that relate to relieving pain.

However, the state laws in Alaska do not give authority to an agent for termination f of the life-prolonging procedures.

It may also include details which provide for or against the execution of the directives laid out in the principal’s living will.

The Legal Requirements for the DPOA

To be executable, the document should be set out in a manner similar, as much as possible to the statutory form as per the requirements of section §13.26.332 of the statutes.

The POA should also designate specific health care directives to the agent.

Conditions for revocation

The state of Alaska doesn’t have specifics for revocation, and the POA is revocable whenever the principal wishes to revoke it.

Actions of the attending physician

If the attending physician is unwilling to follow the directives of the POA, they are required by law to honor the directives and terms of the POA, and they should withdraw their service to another physician who accepts to follow the DPOA.

But, if the attending physician or any other third party relies on the reasonable representations from the attorney-in-fact, they will not be liable in any manner, to the heirs, assigns, or the estate of the principal.

Alaska Limited Powers of Attorney

If you need to handover specific powers or you don’t want your agent to have exclusive powers over your affairs, you could use the limited POA. This document limits the power held by the agent. And, the powers granted are only executable if you are unavailable or when you are unable to act on those powers.

The limited powers will remain under the authority of the agent for as long as you allow. To take back the powers, you need to prepare a written revocation notice that is signed and dated. The revocation notice should be sent out to the agent and third parties acting under the directives of the agent.

Because of the specificity of the POA, the limited powers of attorney are also referred to as special powers of attorney.

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