Free Idaho Power of Attorney Form

Idaho Power of Attorney Form

Who do you trust to borrow money, make health decisions, or to handle insurance or time-sensitive legal claims when you are unavailable or incapacitated? And, do you have a legal document that proves to the court and the rest of your family that person X is to make the bid decisions for you? You should! The legal document is a power of attorney (POA, letter of authority, letter of authorization, or letter of attorney).

According to the state laws in Idaho, this legal instrument hands over power to someone else and the details of the authority handover should be in writing. Understanding the types of POA will ensure that you hand over the right kind of power and that you have accurate information in your free Idaho power of attorney form.

Before we look at the main types of powers of attorney documents at your disposal, note that the document can be springing or non-springing. The springing document is only executable by an agent upon the incapacitation or disability of the agent while the non-springing gives the agent power as soon as it is signed.

Idaho Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) Laws

This is one of the most common and the most important legal documents in estate planning. Why? Well, this document holds the big decisions you want implemented medically when you are unable to make any decision. The details of this document are covered in the Idaho state laws under the code section 39-4505, et seq. in the “Natural Death Act.”

As the principal, the person you appoint is referred to as the durable or the health care agent. This agent will give consent to different medical decisions and interventions when the principal is incapacitated, generally unable to give consent or if suffering from dementia/ Alzheimer’s.

Despite having power, the agent has to follow an agent’s directives on care, as well as end-of-life procedures. The agent also grants power on diagnosis, medical procedures to be put on, or life-sustaining decisions like being connected to a respirator.

Legal Requirements for Execution

The document must be signed by the principal, dated, have signatures of 2 adult witnesses. The document may also list names of alternate agents.

Legal Requirements for the Revocation of the DPOA

  • While the powers granted to the agent are only executed when the principal loses their ability to communicate logical and rational decisions, the document might be revoked at any time by the principal regardless of their competence. The document is regarded invalid if these happen:

    • The principal expresses their intention of revoking the powers verbally

    • If they destroy the document

    • If they issue a written and signed revocation notice

In the event that a physician shows an unwillingness to follow the guidelines of the principal communicated by the agent, the physician may, in good faith, facilitate the transfer of the patient in before withdrawing their services.

Idaho General Durable Power of Attorney Laws

Before filling out your free power of attorney form in Idaho, do you understand what a general durable POA refers to? Well, like the DPOA, it is a letter of authorization that makes someone else your proxy or your voice if you prefer.

This general document makes it known that the document is only executable when the principal is incapacitated or disabled. According to the Idaho state laws, the most important thing is that the document should have words showing that the principal confers authority to the agent and the powers will be exercised regardless of a principal’s subsequent incapacity or disability. This is covered in Section 15-5-50.

Under Section 15-5-502, the laws state that the authority of the agent has a similar effect and remain beneficial and binding to the principal and any of his successors, as it were if the principal had power over their facilities.

And, under Section 15-5-503: (1), the agent, who also acts as the trustee or a court-appointed guardian is responsible for managing the principal’s estate and that the principal can revoke the same powers granted to the trustee. (2), the principal may nominate a conservator or a trustee to care for their estate then give the name for the court to consider the nomination in the event of commencement of legal protective proceedings. The court makes an appointment following the principal’s nomination unless a disqualification or a good cause ensues.

Section 15-5-504: (1) states that the powers of attorney are not revocable upon the death of the principal if the agent acted in good faith and (2), the disability or incapacitation of a principal with a written POA executed earlier will not result in the revocation of the current POA.

Under Section 15-5-505, if the agent didn’t exercise the powers given out of good faith, then, they may not be terminated immediately.

Idaho POA For Bank Account Matters Law

This is a special POA used by a principal to give specific directives on specific matters to be acted upon when the principal is unable to complete the tasks or unavailable.

The powers remain active unless revoked through a written notice sent to the agent and affected third parties.

So, would you like to put in writing your wishes and to grant power over your affairs to that trusted person? Perhaps you should get our free online power of attorney forms accessible in Boise City, Meridian, Nampa, Idaho Falls, Pocatello or any other city of Idaho.