Free Alabama Rental Lease Agreement

Alabama – Rental Lease Agreements

Starting over in a new state is both exciting and scary with housing being the biggest point of concern. But, you can melt away the jitters and settle in by getting acquainted with the rental lease agreements applicable in that state.

If you are going to make Alabama your new home, you are in luck because we are going to give you a comprehensive outline of the elements of your rental lease agreement in Alabama. These landlord-tenant laws apply to the residential units you are looking into.

Laws governing the rental lease agreements in Alabama

  • Even before you look for the right lease documentation, you should understand or beware of the official rules and regulations that govern the lease contract and your rental agreement. The laws include:

    • The Code of Alabama 35-9 Landlord and Tenant.

      This Code of Alabama 35-9 has all the articles and the respective sections that outline in detail the extent of the laws that govern landlords and tenants. It has the general provisions, the liens of the landlord, liens for the rent of building, possession and wrongful withholding, and lastly, use and occupation.

    • Code of Alabama 35-9A – Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act

      This document has the articles that outline the sections governing provisions for landlords and tenants. It also outlines the landlord obligations, tenant obligations, tenant and landlord remedies, and retaliatory conduct. Under this code, you will also find information on the effective date, severability, and the Savings Clause.

    • Alabama Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (2008)

      This act outlines the prohibitive provisions, the general provisions, laws governing security deposits, as well as a warrant of habitability plus the duty to repair, among others.

    • Small Claims Court Rules

Alabama rental lease agreement details

The lease agreement form covers the following details:

Lease, Rent, and fees

The rent increase notice and the late fees are unknown. However, a returned check attracts up to $30, in addition to other associated costs of collection.

  • Security deposit

    • The maximum security deposit equals to one month’s rent, but the security deposit interest is unknown.

    • No statutes govern separate security deposit bank accounts.

    • Additional fees and pet deposits: to avoid disappointments at the last minute, note that the rental lease laws in Alabama allow landlords to charge extra fees/ deposits if you have pets. There also exist additional fees if you undo alterations like ramps or handrails for the disabled. The additional fees are also applicable to other specific tenant activities that increase your liability risks.

    • The deadline for returning the security deposit is 35 days.

  • Notices and Entry in the legal rental contract

    • There is no statute governing the Move-out Inspection Notification

    • The Eviction Notice for Nonpayment is 7 days to prior pay or to quitting

    • The Eviction Notice for Lease Violation is 10 days to remedy, or you quit.

    • There is a 2-day Required Notice before Entry

    • Yes, entry into the residential building is allowed as long as you give out a notice for maintenance and repairs.

    • If you are absent from your rental apartment for more than 14 days, you will be allowed entry. Unannounced but reasonable entry is allowed.

    • As long as you have a notice for showing people the property, entry is allowed.

    • Emergency entry is also allowed without notice but within reason.

  • Business license

    • It is unknown whether or not a business license is required.

  • Court-related cases

    • A fee of $3000 (limit) is applicable in small claims court cases.

So, there you have it. If satisfied, fill in your rental lease agreement here.