Free Nebraska Rental Lease Agreement

Nebraska Rental Lease Agreements

Do you know rental laws that apply to tenants and landlords in Nebraska? If you are looking at one of our Nebraska rental lease agreement forms online, you might want to hold on filling the forms until you have read this article.

  • Official Rules and Regulations

    • The uniform residential landlord and tenant act – Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 76-1401 – 76-1449

    • Mobile Home Landlord and Tenant Act – Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 76-1450 to 76-14,111

    • Disposition of Personal Property Landlord and Tenant Act – Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 69-2301 to 69-2314

Security Deposit

The security deposit maximum is one month’s rent and a pet deposit bit exceeding one-quarter of one month’s rent – if pets are allowed in the residential rental unit, and if the tenant has a pert,

No statutes guide security deposit interests, non-refundable fees, or separate security deposit bank accounts.

The landlord has 14 days to return the security deposit after demand is made and designation of the location where the payment is to be made is issued.

  • The permitted uses of the security deposit include:

    • Payment of the rent owed

    • Payment of damages suffered by the tenant as a result of the tenant’s noncompliance with the rental agreement or the statutes.

A written description or an itemized list of damages and charges is required of the landlord

No statutes are available for record keeping of deposit withholding, receipt of the deposit and non-compliance.

Lease, Rent, and Fees

Rent is due at the beginning of every month or the beginning of any period term like a month or less than a month unless it is agreed otherwise

The landlord gives a rent increase notice as agreed in the lease agreement

In the Nebraska rental lease agreement, there is no rent grace period, and rent is due without demand or any notice, as agreed in the lease

Prepaid rent that remains in the accounts of the landlord could be applied to the payment of rent owed when the tenancy is terminated.

The returned check fees equal to $10, in addition to any reasonable handling fees imposed by the financial institutions.

Late fees are payable as agreed in the lease

  • The tenant may withhold rent in case of failure to provide essential services like heat and water. The tenant is expected to give the landlord a given notice that specifies the violation before procuring reasonable amounts for the essential service, and then, they can deduct their actual and reasonable cost from the rent,

    • The tenant cannot repair and deduct rent. However, a tenant remedies for the landlord’s failure to make repairs as a violation of the Landlord duties in the statutes. In case of noncompliance,

    • The tenant should give 30-days written notice to the landlord notifying the landlord of their lease termination within 30 days from the date of the notice in case the landlord doesn’t fix the problems in 14 days.

    • The tenant could also contact the local housing code enforcement agency

    • The tenant could notify the landlord in writing that failure to fix the problem in 14 days will lead the tenant to pursue other legal remedies.

In the state of Nebraska, the landlord cannot recover court and attorney fees though both parties may recover a reasonable amount in attorney fees in some circumstances.

The landlord must make a reasonable attempt to offset damages to the lessee, including any efforts of re-renting.

No statute guides abandonment or early termination fees

Notices and Entry

No notice is necessary for the termination of fixed-end-date leases but, 30-days’ written notice is required before the termination of monthly leases, and 7-days’ notice for termination of weekly leases.

No statutes stipulate the termination of tenancy with 24-hour notices or date and time of move-out inspections.

For tenancy termination as a result of nonpayment, a3-day written notice is ideal.

In case of lease violations, the landlord may give the tenant a written notice that describes the violation and also stating that the agreement will terminate in 30 days if the violation isn’t remedied.

A one-day notice is required before entry, and the landlord may enter at reasonable times only.

Entry is acceptable, with notice to the tenant’s unit for non-emergency repairs and maintenance

Entry is also allowable with notice for showings.

In case of emergency, entry is acceptable without notice.

Entry without notice is also acceptable during a tenant’s extended absence, longer than 7 days.

No statutes govern giving notice to tenants for pesticide use.

The rental lease agreement in Nebraska doesn’t allow lockouts or utility shutoffs,

Disclosures and Miscellaneous Notes

  • These are notes on

    • Copies of leases

    • Names and addresses

    • Domestic violence situations

    • Landlord’s duties

    • Tenant’s duties

    • Lead Exposure

    • Retaliation

Court Matters

The Nebraska Small Claims Court has set limits of up to $3,500, and no eviction cases are allowed

The Statute of Limitations accepts 5-year written contracts and 4-year written contracts

You can get help from Nebraska’s judicial branch, the bar association, the attorney general and Legal aid.

Business Licenses

There is no state-wide requirement for business licenses, but the regulations and the requirements could change at the city or the county level.

With all that information out of your way, how about filling one of our online Nebraska rental lease agreement forms now?