Free Colorado Rental Lease Agreement

Colorado Rental Lease Agreement

Are you planning to move and settle in Colorado? In this article, we shall highlight all you need to know about the details and the official rules and regulations governing landlords and tenants.

  • Official Rules and Regulations

    • Colorado Revised Statutes for Tenants and Landlords

    • Landlord and Tenant handbooks for Cities of Boulder and Fort Collins

    • Denver’s Code of Ordinances – Chapter 27 (Housing)

Security Deposit

What do the statutes say on the maximum amount payable in security deposits?

No statute

Is there any rental lease agreement in Colorado covering security deposit interest?


Any statutes on opening separate security deposit bank accounts?


Any statutes on pet deposits and additional fees?


Is non-refundable security deposit allowed?

No, and the landlord must return the “full deposit.”

What is the deadline for returning the security deposits?

Landlords are expected to return the security deposit in one month unless the previously agreed to have another deadline. However, the deadline shouldn’t be more than 60 days. In cases where a tenant vacates because of hazardous conditions, then the landlord must return the deposit within 72 hours, excluding holidays, Saturday or Sunday.

Is it necessary to have a written description or an itemized list of charges and damages?

No statutes

Is there a statute governing record-keeping of deposit withholdings?


What happens in case of non-compliance?

In case the landlord fails to comply/ provide the tenant with a written notice of withholdings or any other information required within the time limits, the landlord can forfeit his/ her rights to withhold any portion of the security deposit.

If there is willful and wrongful detention of security deposit, in violation of the laws, the landlord will be liable for triple the amount of the security deposit withheld from the tenant. The landlord will also pay the reasonable fees and court costs.

Lease, Fees, and Rent

Is there a rental agreement stature on rent increase notice?


What are the rules governing late fees?

No statute

What are the application fees statures?


Any rules on prepaid rent?


Any returned check fees?


Can the tenant withhold tent for issues relating to habitability?

Yes, even though there are restrictions

Can the tenant repair and deduct rent?

No statutes.

Is the landlord allowed to recover court and attorney fees?

Yes, but only is the lease allows it.

Are there restrictions on handling abandoned property?


Should the landlord make a reasonable attempt to mitigate damages to the lessee, including any attempts to re-rent?

No. In the Colorado rental lease agreement laws under the “benefit of the bargain” rule – an innocent landlord is entitled to recover only the amount of damages required to it in the same position it would have occupied had the tenant performed according to the terms of the lease. This was in the case of Schneider v. Gordon, 732 P.2d 603 (Colo. 1987).

Notices and Entry

Do you require notice to terminate a lease that has a fixed end date?

No, the lease expires

Do you need the notice to terminate a yearly lease?

Yes, 91 days.

Do you require notice to terminate a lease that is six months or longer, but less than a year?

Yes, 28 days’ notice.

Do you require notice to terminate a lease that is one month or longer, but less than six months?

Yes, seven days’ notice.

Do you require notice to terminate a lease that is one week or longer, but less than one month?

Yes, three days’ notice.

Is there a statute governing notice of date/ time for a move-out inspection?


What is the duration of an eviction notice for nonpayment after a notice of nonpayment is served?

3 Days.

What is the duration of an eviction notice for lease violation?

3 Days to remedy or quit while repeat violations are grounds for immediate lease termination.

Do you require notice of entry?


Is entry allowed following notice of repairs and maintenance?


Is emergency entry allowed without notice?

No – there is no statute on this although a reasonable entry is allowed during emergencies.

What do the statutes stipulate about entry during a tenant’s extended absence?

No statute

Is notice required for tenants for the use of pesticides?

No statute.

Are lockouts allowed?

No, and the tenant can sue for damages.

Is self-help eviction allowed?

No, unless the state board of health promulgates for the cleanup of an illegal drug laboratory, or when the eviction is with the mutual consent of the landlords and tenants.

Are utility shut-offs allowed?

No, and the tenant can sue for damages.

Disclosures and Miscellaneous notes

Under this section, the rental lease agreement in Colorado highlights different rules on tenancy and ownership of rental units. The legal rental contracts and agreements include:

The adoption of the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (URLTA)

The landlord isn’t required by the laws to seek new tenants while the previous tenant has an active lease

The landlord has to provide habitable premises through waterproofing, adding weather protection, plumbing, and gas facilities, running water and a reasonable amount of hot water at all times. The landlord is also responsible for the extermination of rodents, keeping areas under the control of the landlord clean, electrical lighting services, compliance with applicable building, housing and security devices, maintenance and repair of floors, railings, and stairways.

The disclosures also cover domestic violence and retaliation.

Court-related matters

  • These include:

    • The small claims court limits of $7,500

    • There are no eviction cases allowed

    • You can get help from the Colorado Small Claims Court – Local Practices, the Colorado Small Claims Rules, and the Colorado Small Claims Handbook,

Business licenses

There are no state-wide statutes requiring business licenses, but local authorities may need the licenses.

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