Free Maryland Rental Lease Agreement

Maryland Rental Lease Agreement

Looking for a residential rental unit in Maryland, here are the landlord-tenant laws and the lease agreement details you should be aware of:

  • Official Rules and Regulations

    • Code of Maryland and Rules – Real Property, Title 8 – Landlord and Tenant

    • General Assembly Statutes

    • General Assembly Statutes – Real Property

    • Takoma Park Municipal Code – Housing – Title 6

    • Takoma Park Municipal Code – Landlord-Tenant Relations (6.16)

    • The Peoples Law of Maryland – Landlord/Tenant

  • Security Deposits

    • The security deposit maximum equals to two months of rent

    • The security deposit interest is the greater of the daily U.S. Treasury yield curve rate (“Constant Maturity Treasury”), for a year for the first business day of each year or 1.5%.

    • A separate security deposit bank account is required

    • No statutes for pet deposits and additional fees

    • The deadline for returning the security deposit is 45 days, or the landlord loses the rights to withhold

    • A written description or an itemized list of charges and damages is necessary

    • Record keeping of deposit withholdings is required for two years

    • Advance notice of deposit withholding is needed

  • Lease, fees, and rent

    • No statute on rent increase notices

    • The maximum application fee is $25

    • A written lease is required if a landlord offers at least five residential units

    • No statute for prepaid rent or returned check fees

    • Late fees charged is a maximum of 5 percent of the rent due

    • The tenant can withhold rent for failure to provide basic services like water and heat

    • Tenant can repair and deduct only in special circumstances

    • The landlord should make a reasonable attempt to mitigate damage to the lessee, including attempts to re-rent.

    • The tenant has the right to redeem, pay the owed rent until the end of the eviction notice

    • The landlord can recover court and attorney fees within reason

  • Notices and entry

    • The notice for terminating yearly leases is three months except in farm tenancies where the termination takes place within six months

    • One month’s notice is required for the termination of monthly leases

    • One week’s notice is required for the termination of weekly leases

    • A notice of time and date is required for moveout inspections, and the tenant has a right to be present

    • The eviction notice for nonpayment is five days

    • The eviction notice for lease violation is 30 days and 14 days if the tenant poses a danger to others

    • No statute on requiring notice before entry or entry for non-emergency repairs and maintenance

    • No statute guiding entry during a tenant’s extended absence

    • No statute guiding notice to tenants for pesticide use or emergency entry without notice

    • Lockouts and utility shutoffs aren’t allowed according to the rental lease agreement in Maryland.

  • Disclosures and Miscellaneous Notes

    • Receipt of deposits

    • Required notifications

    • Domestic Violence

    • Right to Due Process

Court Related

Small Claims Court Limits: $5,000

The courts allow eviction cases as long as the claim amount doesn’t exceed $5,000.

Business Licenses

No state-wide licenses are required, but the local counties and cities may have their own regulations and requirements.

You should check the County Rental Registration Chart to know if you are required to register.

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