Free Missouri Rental Lease Agreement

Missouri Rental Lease Agreement

What do you know about the landlord-tenant law applicable to the state of Missouri? Before you sign the rental lease agreement in Missouri, you should read the rules and regulations that apply to landlords and tenants in the state. In this article, we shall guide you through some of the basic lease agreement and rental laws, besides disclosing your name and address.

  • Official Rules and Regulations

    • Landlord and Tenant laws – Mo. Rev. Stat. §§ 441.005-441.880

    • Small Claims Courts – Mo. Rev. Stat. §§ 482.300-482.365

    • Landlord and Tenant Actions – Mo. Rev. Stat. §§ 535.010-535.300

Security Deposit

In the state of Missouri, the maximum deposit security is not more than two months’ rent

The security deposit interest, which is any security earned on a security deposit belongs to the landlord.

The landlord shall set up a separate security deposit bank account, and the landlord shall not commingle the security deposit with any other funds except under the provisions of section 339.105.

There is no stature for pet deposits or non-refundable fees.

The landlord should return the security deposit 30 days after the termination of the lease.

  • Some of the uses of the security deposit

    • Payment of rent due to the landlord

    • Restoration of the unit to the condition it was in at the beginning of the tenancy.

    • Compensation for the landlord in case of actual damages that result from a tenant failing to give adequate notice of termination of tenancy.

    • The landlord is required to give a written description or an itemized list of the damages and charges

No statutes govern record keeping of deposit withholdings or receipt of Deposits.

In case of non-compliance, and if the landlord withholds the security deposit wrongfully, then the tenant can recover damages up to twice the amount wrongfully withheld.

Rent, Lease, and Fees

Rent is due as stated in the lease agreement

No statutes govern rent increase notices or rent grace period although the lease may define the latter.

No statutes exist for prepaid rent or lease fees.

Returned checks attract about $25, plus the amount owed which is the fee charged by the bank for every returned check

The tenant is not allowed to withhold rent if the landlord fails to provide essential services but, if there is a heat-related utility service which notifies tenants in a master metered, multi-tenant building of an impending service termination for nonpayment, then the tenants may prevent the termination by promptly petitioning the associate division of the circuit court of the country for the property to be put into receivership.

  • The tenant can repair and deduct rent.

    • However, it is only applicable to tenants who have resided in the building for six consecutive months, and tenants who’ve paid all the rent and charges due.

    • If the issue is a code violation or if it detrimentally affects the habitability of the house

    • If, after a 14-days written notice to the landlord for repairs less than $300, or one-half the periodic rent, whichever is greater.

    • If the tenant cannot deduct more than one month’s rent in the aggregate.

    • In case there are other requirements, notifications or provisions applicable.

No statute states whether the landlord can recover the court or attorney fees

The landlord should make reasonable effort to mitigate any damages to the lessee, including any efforts of re-renting.

No statutes guide on early termination fees

In case if aband0onemnt of personal property, the landlord may discard the tenant’s personal property if the tenant fails to respond to a formal written notice after 10 days.

Notices and Entry

In fixed-end-date leases, no notice is necessary for the termination of tenancy as it just ends

For yearly leases with no-end date, a 60-day written notice should be issued before the end of the year.

In monthly leases, one-month written notice is necessary for the termination of tenancy

No statutes guide the termination of weekly leases or for termination of tenancy with 24-hour written notices.

Immediate eviction is made possible by court order in case of emergencies that threaten the safety of the tenants, or one that could cause immense property damage. Also, this happens if the leased property is used to promote drug-related criminal activities, or if a tenant’s guest engages in criminal activity.

A landlord must give a date/ time of move-out inspection written the notice.

In case rent is unpaid, terminate of lease for nonpayment could happen if a landlord gives an immediate, unconditional quit notice.

A 10-days’ notice is given for terminations resulting from lease violations.

No statutes are available for notices before entry, non-emergency repairs/ maintenance, entry for showings, entry without notice, entry during a tenant’s extended absence, or the use of pesticides.

Lockouts and utility shutoffs aren’t allowed.

Disclosures and Miscellaneous Notes

This section highlights the applicable rental laws for name and addresses, a copy of leases, domestic violence situations. The rental laws and the Missouri rental lease agreement also outline landlord’s responsibilities, tenant’s duties, retaliation, lead disclosures, and the disclosure of prior (Meth) Methamphetamine Manufacture labs.

Legal and Court Matters

The Missouri Small Claims Court has set limits of $5,000. But, eviction cases aren’t allowed.

It also outlines the eviction process

The statute of Limitations keeps written contracts valid for 10 years and oral contracts for 5 years

You can get legal help from Missouri courts, the attorney general’s office, the bar, or legal aid.

Business License

In the state of Missouri, there is no state-wide requirement for business licenses, but cities and counties could have different requirements.

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