Free Maine Employment Agreement

What You Need to Know About the Employment Agreement in Maine

An employment agreement in Maine is a legally binding contract between an employer and an employee. It serves as the framework for the working relationship and outlines the terms of employment. It also outlines the terms of contract termination.

The employment agreement outlines the roles and duties of an employee. It also outlines the employee's salary and benefits for performing their duties. A seasonal employment contract protects the employer's interests against fraudulent or lazy employees who might want compensation or salary without completing the assigned tasks.

Details Included on Maine Employment Agreement Forms

Here are the main details filled in the temporary employment contract forms;

  • Employee title
  • Roles/Duties
  • Salary, bonuses, and benefits
  • Company Policies
  • Terms and conditions for contract termination

The Legal Requirements for an Employment Contract

In Maine, employment agreements can be verbal, written, or implied. A verbal agreement is where the employer and employee discuss the terms of employment and agree. No document is written or signed in an oral contract.

A written or express agreement is created in writing. Both the employer and employee sign the agreement. An implied employment contract is not written or orally expressed but is created based on the employer's actions and behavior.

It is advisable to have a written and signed employment contract. That way, the agreement will set clear terms and conditions of employment and is enforceable, ensuring your interests are protected.

Types of Employment Contracts in Maine

Here are several types of employment contracts:

  • A permanent agreement is used when hiring permanent employees with set working hours, defined roles and responsibilities, and compensation. The agreement also outlines the terms and conditions of contract termination.
  • A fixed-term agreement applies when hiring employees for a specific period. It can also be used when hiring employees to complete a particular job or project.
  • Independent contractor agreement – This agreement is ideal for freelancers and contractors hired by an employer and protects the interests of both parties.

Note that regardless of the type, an employment agreement in Maine is strongly suggested for big and small businesses. The contracts safeguard business relationships, trade secrets, and other vital information that employees can easily misuse.

The contracts also ensure high-level employee performance (both permanent and fixed-term contracts), increasing efficiency and productivity in a company. The agreement outlines the duties of employees who perform them diligently to earn compensation. Employees also abide by the terms and conditions of the employment contract, minimizing incidences of firing employees, which can be disruptive at times.

An agreement also protects your interests as an employee, freelancer, or contractor. You can easily hold the employer liable if they disrespect the contract terms. You will also feel at ease while working, knowing your salary, bonuses, and other benefits are guaranteed.

The Enforceability of Employment Agreement in Maine

A written employment contract that dictates the terms of employment, like salary, duties of an employee, and employee rights, will be enforced in Maine. However, there are limitations on the use of restrictive contracts like non-compete agreements.

But note that Maine is an at-will employment state where an employer can terminate an employee for a valid reason, like restructuring a new business model or requirements. On the other hand, an employee can leave their place of work due to unfavorable working conditions at their will without facing any consequences.

Are you planning to create an employment agreement in Maine? Your best shot at getting an updated sample form is at Depending on your needs, be sure to fill in the details in one of the Maine permanent or temporary employment agreement templates, download, and print the contract. The process is straightforward, saving you a lot of time and money.