Free Nevada Employment Agreement

A Comprehensive Review of the Employment Agreement in Nevada

A perfect recruitment process will ensure your company gets qualified employees. But how do you ensure these new employees won't release trade secrets and other confidential information about your business to competitors?

An employment agreement in Nevada will help you achieve this and more. The contracts will also create a perfect background for a professional employment relationship and help avoid possible disagreements.

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What is a Nevada Employment Contract, and what does it include?

An employment agreement in Nevada is a legal agreement between an employer and a worker. It essentially outlines terms of employment that both parties must adhere to and should be agreed upon by both parties.

And if one party fails to adhere to the terms, the other can seek legal action to enforce the agreement. In other words, this agreement works to protect the interests of both the employer and the employee.

A typical Nevada employment contract should have the personal information of both parties. In addition, it should have a job title, employee duties and responsibilities, and employee compensation. Most importantly, the contract should have an employment commencement date, duration of the employment, disciplinary procedures, company policies, and terms of contract termination.

What's more, an ordinary employment document can have restrictive covenants, like non-obligation agreement and at-will employment agreement non-compete. These clauses protect the company's essential information from employee abuse. They also protect the business from unfair competition arising from former employees.

Are Employment Agreements Enforceable in Nevada?

Yes, employment contracts that adhere to contract laws and don't violate public policy are enforceable in Nevada. Note that both parties must agree upon the terms of the contracts. Nevada recognizes written and oral agreements, but it is always wise to use written and signed agreements as they are easy to verify and prove.

Nevada has strict regulations surrounding restrictive agreements. The state has banned non-compete contracts for employees paid hourly wages. Here are other requirements that must be met;

  • The contract must have reasonable terms.
  • The contract should not violate an employee's right to work and earn a living.
  • The agreement should aim to protect business interests

The Legal Requirements for Employment Contracts in Nevada

Nevada is very lenient when it comes to legal requirements for employment contracts. The state recognizes written and oral agreements, but they must adhere to Nevada contract laws. It is also worth noting that both parties do not need to sign the written contracts.

The state also recognizes implied employment contracts. These contracts are created based on the behaviors and representations of involved parties. For example, if an employee comes to work daily and an employer pays them a regular wage, an implied agreement is created based on such conduct.

Nevada is an at-will employment state. This means an employer can dismiss an employee at any time without a valid cause. However, with a valid employment agreement, employees are protected and can't be fired for reasons that violate public policy and state/federal law.

Different Types of Nevada Employment Agreements

Here are commonly used employment contracts in Nevada;

  • A permanent contract is used by a company when hiring an employee on a permanent basis.
  • Fixed-term contract is used when hiring employees who work for a specified time. The duration can be one month, two months, or even more than six months.
  • Independent contractor agreement is used when hiring independent contractors or freelancers to complete a specific job. Note that these employees are not part of the hiring company.
  • A non-obligation agreement is an agreement that prohibits employees from sharing or releasing vital information about their employers to strangers or competitors.

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