Free Delaware Affidavit

Situations That May Require a Delaware Affidavit

What are some of the situations that may require an affidavit in Delaware? Well, like any other state and anywhere in the world, this document may be helpful in many cases like:

    • When proving residency when applying for a driving license

    • When relinquishing property ownership rights to a party (heir)

    • When correcting inaccurate details in a legal document like a death certificate or title deed

    • When repossessing a property like a vehicle from a non-compliant party

    • When selling a property, among other situations

Types of Affidavit Forms You May require in Delaware

Typically, you will need a unique affidavit for different situations. Here are some common Delaware affidavit forms:

Affidavit of Property Value Form

This Delaware affidavit form affirms the records about the sale of a property. It includes your name and that of the buyer. Not only that, but it will also have the selling price, date of sale, personal property in the property, property type, buyer's address, and other information about the sold property. You should fill out an affidavit of property value form with accurate information. Ensuring everything is in order will save you later on, should the other party raise some concerns.

Affidavit of Residency Form

This affidavit form is commonly used in Delaware and is required when proving residency. In addition, you may be required to complete this form when applying for or renewing your driving license. It may also be a requirement when applying for college.

It is essential when proving your child's residency in school or any government institution. The affidavit of residence is also necessary when registering for a medical card, verifying the custodial parent's residency after divorce, and in many other significant situations.

Affidavit of Repossession Form

An affidavit of repossession is required when a creditor or lending entity repossess a property like a vehicle from a non-compliant owner or buyer. This can happen when the buyer doesn't honor the financing agreement and they didn't make an effort to inform the lending/financing agency.

The financing agency or creditor doesn't need to go to court to get a repossession order. They also don't need to give the debtor any notice unless the security agreement outlines that. All they need is to complete the affidavit form and put it into use.

What Does a Delaware Affidavit Include?

Typically, a general affidavit form in Delaware should have your name, physical address, and other personal information, depending on which form you are filling out. Also, an affidavit form should have your statement, which is the information you affirm that is true to the best of your knowledge or belief.

Another critical aspect to remember is that the form should have your signature. And in some cases, a Delaware affidavit form may have several signatures depending on the number of persons swearing to it. For instance, when heirs of a decedent jointly sign an affidavit of heirship or inheritance.

To validate an affidavit, you should take it before a notary public who will verify the affiant's details and attest that the document was signed under oath. The notary officer then signs and stamps the form.

Can You Hire Someone to Write Your Affidavit?

Yes, you can. But in most cases, you don't have to. You can hire a lawyer to write an affidavit, especially when selling a company or high-value property. This can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead, it would be best to use online templates to create your affidavit.

If you have an affidavit to write, offers all types of Delaware affidavit form templates. Use these free templates to create that affidavit to fit your unique situation.